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2023 NCNC Single Line 37th Left White with Drop Shadow

April 10-14, 2023

San Diego, California

CACFP · Afterschool Meals · Summer Food

Train-the-Trainer Track | CEU Specialty 3

Mindfulness: Reconnecting Children to Their Senses

Mindfulness reconnects children to their five senses, bringing them into a moment-by-moment awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Learn how physical activities like breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and sensory play help children become capable of exhibiting empathy, compassion, and patience as they acquire better emotional and social skills.

  1. Gain an understanding of mindfulness.
  2. Explore how mindfulness is related to teaching young children social/emotional skills.
  3. Learn mindfulness exercises and how to apply them.

Presented by

Tracy Cheney Web2

Tracy Cheney, MEd

Education Consultant, Three Cheers Consulting

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