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Engaging Your Community in Your Meal Program

Poverty is isolating for children. Meal programs are an important outreach tool, but what if your meal program also connected kids with their community and had business leaders helping out? Find out the potential with us. Bonus – all the ideas involved are cost free!

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CACFP Participation in Centers by State

Despite CACFP’s important benefits to children, families and providers, the program remains largely underutilized. This project collected administrative data on CACFP participation of child care centers across 45 states and Washington DC and linked it with Census and licensing data at the center level. Learn how the findings highlight opportunities for CACFP growth.

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Movement & Fun: Learn Ways to Promote Active Play with Infants and Toddlers

Learn fun, developmentally appropriate physical activities to play with infants and toddlers in CACFP child care homes and centers and Early Head Start classrooms. Consider the many benefits of physical activity and how these activities help meet recommended best practices. View demonstrations and videos of these activities so you can apply these ideas in your own trainings.

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