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Run Your Race: Becoming the Best Version of Yourself ($)

Ready to reignite your passion? Become motivated around the fact that you matter, and what you do is important. Learn who you are at your best, and what helps you to operate at optimal potency. Leave understanding what your best ability is, and why it is important to stay encouraged even in the tough times.

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CACFP Administrative Budgets

Learn tips and best practices on the preparation of an acceptable administrative budget. Topics will include the importance of strategic planning, using historical financial information to develop the budget, determining what expenses are allowable/ unallowable, identifying staffing requirements, how excess administrative funds affect the budget and updating the budget throughout the year.

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CACFP 101 ($)

You’re new-ish to food programs,working in it daily, and you’ve got the big picture. It’s been one or two years since you’ve started working in CACFP or SFSP, so concepts aren’t new or foreign to you, but you’d love to really explore the important areas with your peers. Attend this structured learning institute to review the meal patterns, discuss basic program administration and get a requirements refresher while also sharing in some table talk.

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