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Transitioning to Solid Foods: Safe Approaches for Infant Feeding Styles ($)

The internet is abuzz with various approaches to introducing solid foods to infants, but which methods are the safest? Understand the distinctions between feeding styles, such as conventional or baby led weaning. Gain insights into how to ensure the safety of the foods you offer, implement responsive feeding practices, and prevent choking hazards.

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Infant Meal Pattern: What Foods Are Creditable and When? ($)

Do you have a mix of infants and toddlers in your care? Following two different meal patterns can be challenging since there are foods that are creditable in one and not the other. Learn how to identify creditable foods that can be served to infants while adhering to the CACFP meal pattern requirements.  

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Get Cooking with CACFP Creditable Infant Recipes ($)

From purees to bite-sized foods, new recipes to add to your menu are always in demand. Explore infant-friendly recipes that will not only bring something exciting to the plate, but more flavors and vegetables to be explored by those in your care!

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