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Healthy Habits Count

Establishing healthy habits and routines during early childhood can set the stage for lifelong wellbeing. The 5-2-1-0 framework encourages children to develop positive habits through nutrition and physical activity. Learn how 5-2-1-0 reinforces CACFP meal patterns and best practices to help kids thrive.

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Promoting Nutrition with Culinary Arts Fairs

Move over science fairs, the culinary arts fair is here to teach children about nutrition and how to develop healthy habits! Learn how to teach students to create a story board with recipe and nutrition facts. Hear how they prepare the food to be judged by their peers using a rigorous rubric on taste, appearance and nutrition.

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Mindfulness: Reconnecting Children to Their Senses

Mindfulness reconnects children to their five senses, bringing them into a moment-by-moment awareness of themselves and their surroundings. Learn how physical activities like breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and sensory play help children become capable of exhibiting empathy, compassion, and patience as they acquire better emotional and social skills.

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