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Earn more than 100 hours of Continuing Education Units! The National CACFP Sponsors Association has both produced and curated a wide array of webinars to help you fulfill CEU requirements for your CMP or CCNP Certification. Below you will find CEUs organized by specialty, or you can also visit the webinar pages for the full course list by series. CEUs marked with a $ are paid resources and pricing can be found on the respective item's expanded information.

To register for continued education training, you will need an account. You may be in our system! If you've previously participated in continued education with us, have been a member, attended an event or ordered materials, click here to create your account.  If not, then request an account here.

Specialty 1. Nutrition
Nutrition is the study of nutrients in food, how the body uses them, and the relationship between diet, health, and disease. The CACFP strives to teach lifelong healthy habits, decreasing obesity and increasing physical activity.

Specialty 2. Program Operations
CACFP Operations consist of the tasks that are performed to support the requirements of the CACFP program. For example, a provider may take training on how to keep records that are required to participate in the CACFP. Trainings to learn how to properly plan a menu to meet CACFP requirements or how to review and process claims are other examples.

Specialty 3. Training & Technology
Training and Technology CEU credits consist of train-the-trainer workshops you may attend designed to give you the tools to teach others. It can also include workshops to learn CACFP software for uses such as record keeping, menu planning, or determining how to ensure you are meeting food crediting minimums. For example, training on the use of the USDA Food Buying Guide can be applied here.

Specialty 4. Program Administration
CACFP Administration consists of the activities that are related to operating a CACFP sponsoring organization or state agency with regards to the food program specifically. For example, a director or manager may take trainings on ways to develop corrective action plans or how to enroll a new site. Classes like these which address how to administer the food program, are counted in this specialty.

Specialty 5. Financial Management
Financial management may be defined as planning, organizing, directing and controlling the financial activities of an organization.