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Reaching Rural and Tribal Communities

Learn about the innovative Freeze and Thaw model that has been successful in overcoming barriers to serve rural and tribal communities in Arizona. Discover how we implemented the monthly delivery of bulk products so children in afterschool programs have access to supper meals and the benefits of starting this model at your sites.

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Impacts of Afterschool Meals

Learn how providers help families understand the nutritional value and quality of foods through Afterschool Meals. Discover ways that you can assist children that may not receive meals once they leave your site.

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Afterschool Meals: Reflections and Promising Practices

How we think, plan, and operate afterschool meals programs has changed dramatically over the last few years. Hear from Out-of-School Time Meals Champions as they share their experiences, lessons learned, and promising practices. Discover how afterschool meals programs will continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape and how programs can learn from children and families to better serve their communities. 

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