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Creating a Mobile Summer Meals & Community Food Access Operation

Mobile summer meals is a great way to increase food access, especially in rural areas. Caroline County Public Schools has taken it a step further and added a “farmers’ market” and other food access initiatives on their mobile van, “Sho Go.” Participants will learn how they set up a mobile operation, including vehicle procurement, retro-fitting, site mapping and menus.

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Summer Meals: Outreach and Promotion During the Pandemic

Gain an understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the SFSP. Review the lessons we learned from collecting data and interviewing state agencies, sponsors, and families so you can apply them to your program. Discuss ideas on how to capitalize on current opportunities to improve families participation and access to healthy meals.

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Innovate SFSP with Super Fun Events and Creative Promotions

How do you create awareness for SFSP? Let’s explore the benefits of super fun events, mascot programs, inviting email campaigns, sustainable social media and more. Learn how to plan memorable events and celebrations, engage community stakeholders, customize meal sponsor promotions and how to find grant support to pay for it all.

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