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Baking Whole Grain-Rich Foods ($)

Whole grain-rich baking can be a signature part of your program that benefits menus, snacks, and acceptance while also helping your bottom-line. Learn how to choose a few signature favorite foods and align them with baking activities to involve children and parents in the science, literacy, art, food safety and math to boost benefits beyond the plate. Take home whole grain-rich baking resources.

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Cultivating Cultural Awareness Through Food ($)

Americans of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds are disproportionately affected by many chronic diseases, highlighting the need for more inclusive dietary messaging. Explore cultural models of healthy eating from around the world, with practical tips, insight, and recipes for diverse populations, with a special focus on Gen Z, and a cooking demonstration.

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CN Labels & Product Formulation Statements: Hands-On Practice

When should you request a CN Label or PFS? Is the crediting documentation for your product acceptable? Get clarity on common issues related to inaccurate or misleading product documentation. USDA will provide guidance on accepting documentation for meal pattern requirements and share sample Product Formulation Statements and CN Labels. Learn how to assess crediting documentation using sample CN Labels and Product Formulation Statements.

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