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Training Program Operators to Use Grains Ounce Equivalents

This webinar will help state agencies, CACFP sponsoring organizations, and independent centers provide training on using ounce equivalents instead of “servings” to determine amounts of grains. CACFP operators are required to use ounce equivalents for grains by Oct. 1, 2021 (“Delayed Implementation of Grains Ounce Equivalents in the Child and Adult Care Food Program Final Rule”). Webinar participants will learn about existing training tools and strategies available on grains ounce equivalents. Additionally, Oregon’s Department of Education will share how they used virtual training techniques to provide training for CACFP operators.

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A Look Inside the New CACFP Trainer’s Tools: Feeding Infants Kit

This webinar provides an interactive overview of Team Nutrition’s new resource, the CACFP Trainer’s Tools: Feeding Infants Kit. This kit includes a trainer’s guide, presentation slides and trainer notes, videos, and digital interactive games. Hear how these components help trainers deliver information on hot topics like developmental readiness, hunger and fullness signs, handling and storing breastmilk and infant formula, and much more!

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Delivering Interactive In-Person Training

This webinar will spotlight interactive approaches used by the Maryland State Department of Education and the Texas Department of Agriculture to actively engage participants during in-person CACFP trainings.

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