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Advocacy Resources

Working with its members, NCA is committed to promoting the benefits of the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program which include:

  • eliminating childhood hunger in the US
  • reversing trends in childhood obesity
  • improving the health of American children and adults through better nutrition and increased physical activity
  • supporting working families by improving the quality of child and adult care

NCA provides a national platform to accomplish these broad public health goals by supporting the USDA’s efforts to ensure that all children and adults have access to safe, nutritious and balanced meals.

Specifically, NCA's seven advocacy goals include:


Increase access to nutritious food by providing benefits to all eligible children and adults in care and expanding participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program


Promote healthy diets and physical activity behavior by increasing nutritious foods and providing parents, providers and children better information about nutrition and child wellness


Educate providers about meal quality, food safety, and access to local foods


Target program access to low income and underserved populations


Reduce regulatory burdens that inhibit the successful operation of the CACFP or curtail the delivery of services to children and adults in care


Support strategies to increase participation of providers and retain current participants on the CACFP, and


Advocate for federal and state public policies and processes that are equitable and fair to Program operators, providers, and participants