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Serving Children that are Vegetarian in the CACFP

Young Asian girl eating a cherry tomato with a bowl of lettuce in front of her and other vegetables on the table

So, some of your participants are vegetarian. Not a problem, there are vegetarian dishes that all children can enjoy! Plus, many meat alternates are a cost-effective protein source. Our partners at the Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) have some great resources for serving vegetarian menus that fit into the CACFP meal pattern.

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Whole Child Well-Being

Sesame Street in Communities added new resources to their Staying Healthy topic page to help all families build healthy habits as a foundation for lifelong well-being.

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Who’s at the Table?

It’s National School Lunch Week, but have you ever thought about what it takes to get nutritious meals to the cafeteria table? You can find out by playing this new game from our friends at National Farm to School. Discover what gets served in school meals and the real-world consequences of what it takes to get there. Along the way you will select what foods you want to include in the meal and discover what values align with your choices.

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Help Detective Readatron-15 Solve These Fall Mysteries

Meet Detective Readatron-15, ReadALoud-15 Minute’s resident robot, as he dons his best Sherlock Holmes outfit to investigate the fall season! Try one or more of the fun activity sheets to help solve these fall mysteries. The more that children under 5 are read to, the richer and deeper their language capacities become.

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Fun Fall Reading Resources

Research shows that reading to children for 15 minutes every day beginning in infancy impact education outcomes. Who can read to children? Anyone! Parents, guardians, caregivers, teachers – anyone can make an impact by reading daily to children. Read Aloud 15 MINUTES, our National Ally, has a number of fall resources to help you get started.

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