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Meal Pattern Minute

Looking for quick tips on some of the CACFP's hottest topics? Our nutrition education specialist, Isabel Ramos-Lebron, MS, RDN, LD, is here to help! Be sure to follow us on Instagram or on Facebook for more tips, recipes and resources!

Meal Pattern Minute: Offering Water

Does water have to be offered to children in the CACFP, or just made available?

Meal Pattern Minute: Mixing Cereals

Can you mix a high-sugar cereal with a low-sugar cereal, and have the average meet the CACFP sugar limits?

Meal Pattern Minute: Age for Choking Risk

At what age are children at a higher risk for choking?

Meal Pattern Minute: Granola Bars

Are granola bars creditable in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: Sugar Limits in Breakfast Cereal

What are the sugar limits for breakfast cereals in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: Honey Graham Crackers

It is recommended to not serve honey to infants under 1 year old – does that also apply to honey graham crackers?

Meal Pattern Minute: Soy Yogurt

How does soy yogurt fit into the CACFP meal pattern?

Meal Pattern Minute: Pumpkin Pie

Can pumpkin pie fit into the meal pattern? You might be surprised to learn the answer!

Meal Pattern Minute: Chestnuts

How do chestnuts fit into the CACFP meal pattern?

Meal Pattern Minute: Sugar Limits in Yogurt

What do you need to know about sugar limits in yogurt?

Meal Pattern Minute: Deli Meats

What documentation is needed to serve deli meats in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: Full-Strength Juice and Infants

Is full-strength juice creditable in the Infant Meal Pattern?

Meal Pattern Minute: Plant-Based Meat Alternates

How do you know what plant-based foods can be credited as a meat/meat alternate?

Meal Pattern Minute: Minimum Serving of Dried Fruits

If dried fruits credit for twice the volume of the fruit component, does that mean that the minimum serving is 1 tablespoon instead of 2 tablespoons?

Meal Pattern Minute: Veggie Straws

Veggie straws are made using vegetables, but do they credit in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: One Year of Tips

Let’s reflect on 52 episodes of our Meal Pattern Minutes.

Meal Pattern Minute: Sodium Limits

There are sugar limits for breakfast cereals and yogurt. Do any foods have sodium limits?

Meal Pattern Minute: Cereals and Grain-Based Desserts

Can breakfast cereals ever be considered a grain-based dessert?