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What’s the CACFP? An Introduction & Resources

A mean stands in front of a blue background with the words CACFP, whole-grain rich, creditable, ounce equivalent and meal component written on the background

Back to Blog Back to Blog What’s the CACFP? An Introduction & Resources August 23, 2022 The CACFP is a cornerstone to operations at many child care centers, adult day cares and day care homes. However, many people have never even heard of this crucial program! This blog is for those people. Send this quick…

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Six Resources for Picky Eaters

A child leans forward over an empty bowl gazing directly forward

Picky eating is an issue that has consumed many parents and providers. We’ve got you covered. Check out these six resources for detailed ideas, science, strategies and even activities to help make progress with your picky eater!

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