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State Agency Perspectives on Administering the CACFP

A study was published in October 2023 by the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Health to explore federal and state policies and practices that support or discourage CACFP participation among child care centers. The report approaches: program outreach and administration, barriers that make CACFP participation challenging, and recommendations to expand access to CACFP for eligible providers.

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CACFP Underutilized and Unequally Accessed

A study was published in September of 2023 to assess the extent and reasons for the operation of the CACFP’s among licensed child care centers in order to identify opportunities for expanding CACFP nutrition support. The study found that the CACFP is underutilized and that there is unequal access in certain states and regions.

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Facilitators and Barriers to FCCH Enrollment in CACFP

Female Family Child Care Home provider sits in a circle with young children playing with toy building blocks

In December 2022, the Indiana University CACFP Project Team released a report describing the facilitators and barriers to CACFP participation by family child care homes (FCCHs). The report concludes with suggestions for potential strategies to promote participation in the CACFP by FCCHs. The study was conducted in two states, Arizona and New York, that have varying levels of CACFP participation. The study outlines the facilitators and barriers to FCCHs’ enrollment in CACFP and recommends a few strategies to increase participation.

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