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Best Practices to Improve Nutrition

March is a month to celebrate nutrition and wellness. It is also a time to educate and bring awareness to the CACFP. This Mealtime Memo from our partners at the Institute of Child Nutrition provides the USDA optional best practices you can use to strengthen the nutritional quality of meals served.

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Rosen Hotels: Nurturing Wellness from Childhood to Workplace

Rosen Hotels & Resorts is revolutionizing healthcare by recognizing the power of prioritizing the well-being of its employees and access to nutritious foods. By supporting the CACFP at Rosen Preschool, Mr. Rosen ensures that children aged 0-5 have access to nutritious foods, laying the foundation for healthy habits early in life. This commitment to promoting healthy eating habits extends into the workplace, where commitment to employee health extends even further with initiatives like mobile services, the on-site garden, and the introduction of healthier food options. Learn how Rosen Hotels & Resorts is inspiring a broader movement towards holistic, preventive healthcare for all.

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Family Style Meal Service with Children in the CACFP 

USDA Team Nutrition recently announced their new Family Style Meal Service with Children in the Child and Adult Care Food Program resources. This new suite of resources includes training materials, social media graphics, classroom posters, and original photos.

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