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USDA National Breastfeeding Promotion and Support Campaign for Millennial WIC Moms

Get an overview of USDA’s campaign, which supports breastfeeding moms with comprehensive, current and culturally appropriate messaging, materials, and a website. Campaign goals encourage initiation and continuation of breastfeeding; increase knowledge and ability to breastfeed; increase referrals to WIC; and provide technical assistance in the promotion of breastfeeding.

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Accommodating Participants with Disabilities in Community Meals

Get requirement updates related to accommodating participants with disabilities participating in CACFP/SFSP, as required by Federal law, USDA regulations and the Policy Memorandum, Modifications to Accommodate Disabilities in the Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program to ensure equal access and opportunity.

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Serious Deficiency Process

Are you in a quandary about the SD process? Get an overview of the serious deficiency process, hear about the most common errors in responding to serious deficiencies, and better understand the elements of the appeals process and role of the hearing official.

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Crediting Store-Bought Combination Baby Foods in the CACFP (Acreditación de alimentos combinados para bebés comprados en la tienda en el CACFP)

This webinar will show CACFP operators how to identify store-bought combination baby foods that may be served at reimbursable meals and snacks to infants. Attendees will have a chance to submit questions to the presenters and check their knowledge through interactive polling questions.

Este seminario web muestra a los operadores del CACFP cómo identificar los alimentos combinados para bebés comprados en la tienda que se pueden servir en comidas y meriendas/refrigerios reembolsables para bebés.

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Training Program Operators to Use Grains Ounce Equivalents

This webinar will help state agencies, CACFP sponsoring organizations, and independent centers provide training on using ounce equivalents instead of “servings” to determine amounts of grains. CACFP operators are required to use ounce equivalents for grains by Oct. 1, 2021 (“Delayed Implementation of Grains Ounce Equivalents in the Child and Adult Care Food Program Final Rule”). Webinar participants will learn about existing training tools and strategies available on grains ounce equivalents. Additionally, Oregon’s Department of Education will share how they used virtual training techniques to provide training for CACFP operators.

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CN Labels & Product Formulation Statements: Hands-On Practice

When should you request a CN Label or PFS? Is the crediting documentation for your product acceptable? Get clarity on common issues related to inaccurate or misleading product documentation. USDA will provide guidance on accepting documentation for meal pattern requirements and share sample Product Formulation Statements and CN Labels. Learn how to assess crediting documentation using sample CN Labels and Product Formulation Statements.

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Creditable Meals in the CACFP: Be in the Know

Get hands-on experience to successfully meet the CACFP meal pattern requirements with newly released or updated tools that can help you credit, purchase, and serve meals to program participants. Take a deep-dive into newly creditable foods in the CACFP and learn about the Crediting Handbook for the CACFP. Download the Food Buying Guide mobile app before attending the workshop.

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How to Maximize Exhibit A Grains Tool

Team Nutrition demonstrates the latest enhancements to the Exhibit A Grains Tool. The Exhibit A Grains Tool allows you to search for your grain product as listed on Exhibit A and enter in the serving size from the product label. The tool helps you determine: 1) ounce equivalent (oz eq) grains or grains/bread serving(s) for the grain product, 2) amount to serve to provide your desired grains contribution, and (3) with the new update, the amount to serve for a grain product in order to meet the minimum grains requirement by age/grade groups for specific child nutrition programs. This webinar provides a demonstration and in-depth practice for using the grains tool on the Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs (FBG) Interactive Web-Based Tool. Participants will also experience the Exhibit A Grains Tool on the Mobile App, which allows program operators to determine the grains contribution and the amount to serve on-the-go.

This webinar is also available with Spanish subtitles.

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