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July Policy Update

Since our last policy updated, there are new opportunities for you to advocate, in addition USDA has released two final rules, two pieces of guidance, and a data report on CACFP.

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April Policy Update

Since our last policy updated, there has been new legislation introduced, a proposed rule for serious deficiency released, as well as federal and state recognition of the CACFP. There have also been multiple pieces of USDA guidance and FRAC research published regarding the CACFP.

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Proposed Rule: Serious Deficiency Process in the CACFP & SFSP

USDA released a proposed rule for updating the Serious Deficiency process in the CACFP and SFSP. The rule proposes updates that would redefines serious deficiency, allows for full correction and removal of serious deficiencies, and extends the process to CACFP unaffiliated centers and SFSP sponsors.

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