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Expanded CACFP Meal Access for Young Adults in Emergency Shelters

April 12, 2021

CACFP meals served to young adults under the age of 25 in emergency shelters now eligible for reimbursement.

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USDA Extends Free Meals to Children through Summer 2021 Due to Pandemic

March 10, 2021

USDA has extended several waivers that allow all children throughout the country to continue to receive meals while school is out during the summer.

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PPP for Small Businesses

March 2, 2021

Act now! Small businesses with fewer than 20 employees can apply now for PPP. Deadline: March 9, 2021.

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2021 Employee Retention Credit Available

February 12, 2021

You could get a tax credit up to $14,000 per employee through June 30, 2021 if you are an eligible employer and your 2020 Q4 gross receipts are 20% less than 2019 Q4 gross receipts.

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P-EBT for Children in Child Care

February 4, 2021

Children under the age of 6 now eligible to receive benefits during child care closures.

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State Agency Guidance on CACFP Emergency Funds

February 1, 2021

State agencies have until February 25, 2021 to opt in and submit their application and implementation plan to FNS based on the guidance for the distribution of the CACFP Emergency Funds.

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Take the CACFP Week Social Media Challenge

January 22, 2021

Take part in this year’s social media challenge to be featured on and for a chance to win $100.

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2021 Conference Going Virtual

January 15, 2021

Attendees will be able to join this premier event online from the comfort of their home, office, or home offices. Save the dates and update your budget! $169 members & $299 nonmembers*

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USDA Listening Session

January 14, 2021

Members of the CACFP Community were invited to share their experiences, ideas, and thoughts about how USDA can help serve adults in the CACFP.

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Water Availability

August 5, 2016

An update on water requirements within the meal pattern.

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Making Potable Water Available

July 20, 2016

This rule makes providing potable water easier in child care centers and homes and outlines the financial steps to secure safe drinking water in all facilities.

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Fluid Milk and Fluid Milk Substitutions

July 14, 2016

Guidelines for the new requirements for fluid milk and fluid milk substitutions.

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Optional Best Practices to Further Improve Nutrition

June 30, 2016

Suggestions for best practices and resources for implementation.

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Early Implementation of Meal Pattern Requirements

June 24, 2016

Early Implementation of the updated CACFP Meal Pattern Requirements will allow opperators to ask questions and better plan for success.

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The Use of Share Tables

June 22, 2016

Reduce waste and improve nutrition by implementing the use of share tables.

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