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Member Showcase

There are a lot of great things happening across the country in NCA Member child and adult care homes and centers! Here are a few stories showcasing what that looks like. Want to share your story? Email us!

Linda Fisher

WORCESTER, Vermont – Imagine being able to help harvest the apples from the orchard, pick seeds and forage berries before the bears get them. As a home provider in rural Vermont, Linda Fisher is able to give the children in her care those actual opportunities.

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Kim Jackson

OSCEOLA, Iowa – As a pre-vet major, Kim Jackson never imagined herself as a child care provider.

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Toni Bingham

AUSTIN, Texas – A full spread of fruits of every variety – familiar and different – is laid out to see, touch and taste.

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Verissa Klucevsek

SAGAMORE, Massachusetts – Growing up the youngest of four children in a child care home, Verissa Klucevsek developed a passion for early childhood education and a love for children.

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Maria Russo

MEDFORD, Massachusetts – The slogan at Maria’s New Beginnings Family Child Care is “Healthy, Happy, Kids Here!” which is exactly what you’d find among her eleven enrolled children where safety is a top priority.

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Joy Parks

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina – Every evening, Joy posts her menu on her menu board to let parents know what their kids will be eating the next day.

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