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Alicia Quiroga

Home Child Care Provider

February 13, 2019

When Alicia Quiroga decided to stay home with her first child, she did not realize it would turn into a lifelong career. Starting out, she noted the lack of programs and information that was available, so Alicia earned her license and joined the CACFP program. With the experience and the program's help, she knows she can do whatever is necessary to nurture the children in her care.

"Every day is a new day with the kids. Each time they walk through the door, I want the children to know they are going to have a great day and the parents can leave with peace of mind knowing their children will be taken care of.”

Alicia Quiroga

Alicia prepares three nutritious homemade meals each day. The children are able to help in gardens at both Alicia’s home and the neighbor’s home. Where age appropriate, they help cook and prepare foods. Their favorite is to sit down at mealtime together and eat Alicia’s famous black beans with vegetables and rice.

The preschool curriculum needs to be mastered, but Alicia will tell you it is not the most important. She works diligently on lifelong social skills. Every day they discuss manners such as using please and thank you, making eye contact, and how to resolve mistakes and conflicts. Alicia’s goal is for the children to truly know about the importance of caring for each other and the environment around them, including animals and

Through her 30 years of child care, Alicia values the trust of her parents and children the most. She earns that trust by consistently giving children love and the best care that she can provide. Alicia believes that every family she meets is going to be a part of her story and values hearing from them as they get older reinforcing the difference she made in their lives. For Alicia, taking care of children fills her heart with joy.

From Woodbridge, Virginia, Alicia has been a CACFP participant through Child Nutrition, Inc. since 2002.