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Yvonne Fairbanks

Home Child Care Provider

December 11, 2019

When Yvonne Fairbanks decided to go into child care, she was actually uncertain it was the right decision. Now after sixteen years of owning Lil Mikizoo child care, and earning both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in early childhood education, she is completely confident this was the best decision for her. Through her degree work and experience, she has changed and evolved in her process of caring for kids.

"Every child has their own processes in learning. We are dedicated to knowing every child individually and working alongside their family to educate the whole child at their level.”

Yvonne Fairbanks

Using her own curriculum, Yvonne works with the children to meet their needs. During writing time for example, leveled activities based on readiness from holding the pencil to writing a name are prepared for the children. Sensory activities are encouraged and observed to see what each child responds to and what learning styles work best. Yvonne has developed preschool homework packets for families to work on together opening a dialogue between herself and parents.

Nutrition is taught through a process of both experimenting and education. In units throughout the year, children are encouraged to try new recipes, help in the kitchen, ask questions, and take part in conversation about food and healthy habits. With children involved in the process of discovering and helping prepare food in child care, they often then want to incorporate their newly learned ideas at home. Both the recipe and nutrition information are shared with parents so they can reinforce healthy habits at home.

In 2019, Yvonne won second place for the Casper Star Tribune Favorite Child Care Award. She considers it a huge honor as this is not just a job for her. She welcomes everyone into her care as a new family member and cherishes watching the children evolve into their own individual personalities. All it takes is one little grin and continued effort from a child to know that she is making a difference.

From Casper, Wyoming, Yvonne has been a CACFP participant through Wildwood since 2016.