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Member Showcase

There are a lot of great things happening across the country in NCA Member child and adult care homes and centers! Here are a few stories showcasing what that looks like. Want to share your story? Email us!

Amanda Klingman

SOUTH WINDSOR, Connecticut – After ten years as a property manager, Amanda Klingman decided to become a home child care provider.

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Maria Claudia Ortega

ATLANTA, Georgia – After immigrating to the United States from Colombia, Maria Claudia Ortega realized she could still have her dream of taking care of children through her own home child care.

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Children First

DURHAM, North Carolina – In 1990, Donna King, along with other parents and teachers, envisioned a space where children come first and would not only enrich the lives of the children, but also the parents and teachers.

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Caridad Hernandez

HAZLETON, Pennsylvania – In Caridad Hernandez’s home child care, every child is a part of her family and treated with love and affection.

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Alicia Quiroga

WOODBRIDGE, Virginia – When Alicia Quiroga decided to stay home with her first child, she did not realize it would turn into a lifelong career.

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Connie Rodgers

NEW BERN, North Carolina – As the third oldest of ten siblings, Connie Rodgers has always taken care of other children.

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Betty Anne White

SHEBOYGAN, Wisconsin – Tenacity, dedication and determination are only a few of the many skills that Betty Anne White relied on when opening her home child care 16 years ago.

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Ramona Hursey

CHAMPAIGN, Illinois – Difficult life circumstances led Ramona Hursey to work in a child care center.

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