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Policies & Regulations

P-EBT for Children in Child Care

February 4, 2021

Children under the age of 6 now eligible to receive benefits during child care closures.

State Agency Guidance on CACFP Emergency Funds

February 1, 2021

State agencies have until February 25, 2021 to opt in and submit their application and implementation plan to FNS based on the guidance for the distribution of the CACFP Emergency Funds.

CACFP Related Q&A

January 5, 2021

CACFP Q&A Policy Summary: On January 5, 2021, USDA released a Q&A that included questions directly referencing CACFP. Here is a quick summary; for full guidance read USDA MEMO SP 05-2021, CACFP 04-2021, SFSP 04-2021.

Restoration of Milk, Whole Grains, Sodium Flexibilities

November 25, 2020

This new rule proposes targeted changes to allow more flexibilities when choosing milk options.

Crediting Coconut, Hominy, Corn Masa, and Corn Flour in CNP

August 22, 2019

This updated memorandum provides guidance on crediting coconut (including dried coconut), hominy, corn masa, and masa harina and clarifies how to identify popular products made from corn that can credit towards the grain requirements in the child nutrition programs (CNPs).