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Policies & Regulations

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1 Year Later: NCA’s Commitments During the White House Conference

September 28, 2023

One year ago today, on September 28, 2022, President Biden hosted the first White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health in over a half century. At the conference, the administration called on stakeholders to make commitments towards ending hunger and reducing diet-related diseases. NCA answered this call for action, writing a letter committing to raising awareness of the CACFP.

Feeding Infants and Meal Pattern Requirements in the CACFP

September 20, 2023

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) released their eleventh CACFP guidance memo for 2023. The memorandum provides updated guidance on feeding infants and the infant meal pattern requirements and replaces a previous memo from 2018 (CACFP 02-2018). The memo incorporates updated breastmilk storage recommendations, infant formula food safety considerations, and information on crediting grains in ounce equivalents.

Child Care Nutrition Enhancement Act

September 19, 2023

Today, September 19, the Child Care Nutrition Enhancement Act was introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Greg Landsmen and Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici to permanently:
• Increase reimbursement rates by 10 cent for each meal and snack
• Eliminate the tiering of family day care homes
• Allow family day care home providers to claim their own children’s meals for reimbursement

Final Rule: Child Nutrition Program Integrity

August 28, 2023

The USDA released a final rule on child nutrition program integrity to ensure that child nutrition programs are properly operated and managed. This rule is one of many steps that USDA is taking to ensure that federal child nutrition programs can serve the millions of children who depend on them to reach their full potential.

Summer EBT Eligibility, Certification, and Verification

July 31, 2023

USDA released a memo (SEBT 03-2023) to provide information to assist states in preparing to implement summer EBT in 2024. The memo explains how to identify, certify, and verify eligible children.