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October 2018
Celebrate Farm to School Month

We are proud to serve as a National Farm to School Month Outreach Partner this month. Start your celebration with these great Farm To Table resources.
Farm to Table Curriculum & Activity Sheet

Did you know that a dragon fruit comes from a cactus? Help kids learn more fun facts about fruits and veggies with these free, downloadable, fact cards!
ABC Fruit and Veggie Fact Cards 

Learn more about National Farm to School Month, find ways to get involved, and sign the Take Action pledge to win a package of farm to school prizes by visiting our National Ally.
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National Training & Networking

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Join over 1,500 colleagues for the 2019 National Child Nutrition Conference in Chicago, IL April 23 - 25, 2019.

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Free Training Online
Identifying Whole Grain-Rich Foods for the CACFP Using the Ingredient List
Thursday, October 18, 2018
English 2:00-2:30 PM ET 
Spanish 3:00-3:30 PM ET

Join USDA's Team Nutrition to learn more about how operators can use a food's ingredient list to identify whole grain-rich items for their menus.
Grow Healthy Kids
Stages of Infant Development and Feeding Skills 
During early years, a child's relationship with food is crucial for his or her health and development. Learning the physical stages that relate to feeding is important to understanding this process. Once it is determined that a child is ready to start consuming solid foods, providers should work closely with parents to determine which foods are introduced first. New foods should be introduced gradually and when the child is developmentally ready, the CACFP provider must offer all other components in the infant meal pattern. 
Here's a great tool for both providers and parents to help recognize developmental milestones. 
Priorities Matter


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2018-2019 Child Nutrition Today Digital Magazine Online

Anyone you know still having trouble with identifying whole grain-rich for CACFP?
Share this 16-page magazine featuring a full two-page spread on whole grains, recipes, nutrition education, and more with your child care providers, center staff, pre-k and afterschool programs, parents, or office team.
Seeking Feedback for Board of Directors Meeting

Want to tell the board of directions what you think? Now's your chance! The board of directors is meeting next week and would like to know what's on your mind. 

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CACFP Professionals Certification

When parents are looking for a child care provider or child care providers are looking for a sponsoring agency, and when you're hiring staff for your CACFP agency, candidates with the CACFP Professionals certification stand out! Make 2018 your year.

Congratulations to our newest CACFP Professionals!

International Food Information Council Foundation

The International Food Information Council Foundation (IFIC) communicates science-based information on nutrition, agriculture, food safety and health in a transparent and actionable way that enables people to make informed choices. They focus content on a range of issues related to eating and dietary decisions and their robust research agenda can also help inform children and adults working with CACFP.

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Minute Menu

Minute Menu offers business management software for all aspects of the child care food program and for the home daycare and center daycare markets. Since 1993, Minute Menu has been providing quality, money-saving child care software solutions for USDA food program sponsors and child care providers.

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