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June 2019

JUNE 12th

Orders Due Tomorrow! 
2020 CACFP Training Program & Nutrition Calendar 

Looking for a year-long CACFP training program? 

Get the 2020 calendar, monthly curriculum and activity pages, parent newsletters, and 5-hour training module for your child care providers, centers, Head Start and afterschool teams.We're printing now so you can distribute during annual training and monitoring visits August - December.

Summer Meals Served

Be sure the kids and teens in your community know how to find a meal service site near where they live.

Text "Summer Meals" to 97779.

Call 1-866-348-6479.


Team Nutrition has resources in English and in Spanish to promote summer meals and keep kids and families excited about healthy eating and staying active. 

Every Family is a Part of the Story in Childcare

"Every day is a new day with the kids. Each time
they walk through the door, I want the children
to know they are going to have a great day and
the parents can leave with peace of mind
knowing their children will be taken care of." ~ Meet Alicia Quiroga, family home child care provider from Woodbridge, Virginia.
Priorities Matter


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MyPlate Turns Eight!

Start Simple with MyPlate and get tips, ideas and a personalized plan to meet your food group targets. Find what works within your food preferences, health goals, and budget. 

MyPlate Kids' Place is a great resource for kids, parents, and teachers. Resources include games, activity sheets, kid-friendly recipes, and physical activity tips. Kids can also pledge to become MyPlate Champions.

Crediting Hominy, Popcorn, and Corn Masa
The USDA Crediting Updates for Child Nutrition Programs: Be in the Know! webinar series will present technical assistance and guidance with hands-on practice specifically for crediting hominy, popcorn, and corn masa.
Board of Directors Elections

The National CACFP Sponsors Association is a membership based organization and the Board of DIrectors are elected for 3-year terms. Each year, we have three or four seats up for election.
We are excited to share the slate of nominees for the Board of Directors to serve the 2019-2021 fiscal years. The experience, talent, passion, and commitment these leaders share for the CACFP and our entire community is inspiring. 
NCA agency members which are CACFP sponsors should receive an election announcement, slate of candidates, and official ballot by mail this week which will need to be returned, postmarked by July 10, 2019.
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Shout Out To These New CACFP Professionals

When parents are looking for a child care provider or child care providers are looking for a sponsoring agency, and when you're hiring staff for your CACFP agency, candidates with the CACFP Professionals Certification stand out.

We salute our newest CACFP Professionals for their commitment to continued education and improvement!

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Go Fresh at Neighborhood Farmers Markets

The Farmers Market Directory lists markets that feature two or more farm vendors selling agricultural products directly to customers at a common, recurrent physical location. Maintained by the Agricultural Marketing Service, the Directory is designed to provide customers with convenient access to information about farmers market listings to include: market locations, directions, operating times, product offerings, accepted forms of payment, and more.
Find A Farmers Market Near You
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CACFP Job Board

Do you have a job opportunity in your child nutrition program you would like to share with the CACFP Community? Please contact us and we'll get a short summary and link to your application posted on our website. Email Job Posting

Looking for a position? Check our website!
Find A Food Program Sponsor
If you are providing child care and are not already participating in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program, we invite you to learn more at 
Search our Find A Sponsor directory for organizations in your neighborhood who can get you enrolled today so you can receive reimbursement for the meals you are already serving.
Get Reimbursed for Serving Afterschool Meals
If you are providing an enrichment program for at-risk kids afterschool and are not already participating in the USDA CACFP, start today! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Find A Sponsor

2. Take Attendance

3. Serve Nutritious Snack, Supper, and Meals

Search our Afterschool Meals Sponsor directory for organizations in your neighborhood who can get you enrolled today so you can receive reimbursement for the meals you are already serving.
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