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Quick and Easy Back-to-School Tips


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With the school year approaching, Vroom has created a bilingual resource with quick and easy back-to-school tips. The printable tip card sets include brain-building activities for children ages 0-5 to support school readiness skills in literacy, math, physical activity, science, and more.

Some back-to-school tips include:

Sharing the Story

When you’re reading with your child, let them explore it with all of their senses. Allow them to touch, pat, hold, and even taste (if it’s clean) what you’re reading. Describe their actions like, “You’re patting the picture of the bunny.”

It’s All New

Almost everything is new to your child in their first year. So, describe what you see. “There goes the yellow school bus. Beep beep!” Let them see, hear, smell, and even touch things, if possible. Notice what they’re interested in and have a back-and-forth chat. “You see the big tree? What else do you see?”

Food Rhymes

Food Rhymes During meal or snack time, create a rhyme or a rap about what your child is eating: “No slice, no dice, we eat rice!” or “You’re no rookie, eating your cookie.” They’ll enjoy the sound of the words and if they respond, make rhymes from their words too.

Category Convos

Tell your child about a favorite food. Ask them to name a food they like that’s in the same category, like fruit, but different. Keep count of how many different things you both like in the same category. Play the same game with something else, like clothes!

Touch Talk

Ask your child to touch the clothes you’re both wearing. Talk back and forth about how they feel. You could say, “We’re both wearing shirts. Mine is smooth and yours is wrinkled.” Take turns using as many words as you can to describe how your clothes feel.


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