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Activity Inspiration: Red Light, Green Light on Wheels

Red light, greenlight is a classic early childhood game. It works like this: children line up and face a “traffic cop,” standing twenty or more feet away. The traffic cop closes their eyes and calls out green light, and the other players race toward them! After a moment or two, the traffic cop calls out red light and opens their eyes. If any players are caught moving, they must return to the starting line. The first player to pass the traffic cop wins.

Updating a classic for big kids

Let’s update this classic for older children in your summer, at-risk afterschool or emergency shelter program. How, you ask? Give it wheels!

Stretch the course out to be 30 to 40 yards, and allow participants to use their scooters, roller blades, bikes, skateboards or even wheelie shoes to play. Worried that the game will be unfair as some toys roll faster or have bigger wheels than others? Keep in mind that those same toys are harder to stop as well, and participants may more easily find themselves back to the starting the point! Tip: avoid conflict by allowing an adult to be the traffic cop.

Extend the fun

Sounds like a blast, but looking for even more fun? Incorporate splash toys such as squirt guns or water balloons, silly music, bike and scooter decorations, and a refreshing creditable snack, such as this berry blast smoothie.

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Four kids line up on bikes for a game of red-light green-light on wheels