2016-2019_CCNP_Certification_Badge.png“The CCNP Certification allows me to be competitive in the child care community. Parents know that I am commited to the health and well-being of each child in my care.” Cassandra Owens, CCNP

2016-2019_CMP_Certification_Badge.png“Being committed to professional standards is important as a sponsor of CACFP because I want to improve and maintain the health and nutritional status of children in care while promoting the development of good eating habits.” Pat Siergiey, CMP


How to Earn Your CACFP Certification

Requirements Review

Review the requirements of the certification designation for which you would like to apply. Determine whether or not you meet the requirements needed to qualify for a specific certification category.

Documentation Checklist
Gather copies of all your training documents (including certificate of training, attendance, transcripts) using the checklist for the Certification Level for which you are applying.

Application Process
Complete the application form and submit it together with documentation and certification payment to the address listed on the form. You can also complete this process online here.

Certification Confirmation
After review and upon approval of your application, NCA will send you a confirmation letter indicating you have earned your CACFP Professional Certification. If you would like NCA to alert a supervisor, state agency representative, and/or media, simply supply the appropriate contact information on the application and we will also send an email notice regarding your achievement to any agencies as requested and announce on social media.

Application Fees
CACFP Child Nutrition Professional $75.00
CACFP Management Professional $175.00

Incomplete Applications
If NCA receives an incomplete application, candidates will receive a letter listing additional documentation needed to earn your certification. Requested documents must be received by NCA within 30 calendar days of receipt of notice. If NCA receives your documents after 30 calendar days, you will have to re-submit the entire application and pay the initial certification fee again. The application fee is non-refundable.

Dual Certification
CACFP Professionals may hold both certifications. If you apply for both at the same time, candidates must submit an application form, documentation of education and experience as well as the application fee for each of the certification designations. If a candidate holds one certification and applies for a second certification at a later date, s/he will be given a new certification expiration date specific to that designation.  S/he will be expected to meet the CEU requirements and fees for each of their designations at that expiration date.


Training Hours

Earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
The purpose of CEUs is to provide job-related professional development and growth experiences. Annual training (earning CEUs) is a requirement to earn and maintain your CACFP Certification. Candidates can earn continuing education credits in any of the following ways:

● Webinars & Online Training Participation
● Workshops/Trainings/Conference Attendance
● Secondary Learning Coursework

Calculating Hours
CEUs should be recorded in one-hour increments and completed within the last 5 years. Example: Training that is three hours in length earns attendees three CEUs.

Requirements can also be met by taking relevant college courses.

1 Credit Hour College Course = 16 CEU Hours
2 Credit Hour College Course = 32 CEU Hours
3 Credit Hour College Course = 48 CEU Hours

Identifying Hours: CEU Specialties
Education credits should be self-declared in one these following categories:

Specialty 1— Nutrition
i.e.; Understanding Whole Grains, Best Practices, Infant, Child & Adult Nutrition, Child obesity Prevention, Eating Behaviors, Dietary Guidelines,  Special Diets, Food Allergies, CACFP Substitutions, Picky Eaters, Breast Feeding, CACFP Meal Patterns, Creditable Foods, CN & Manufacturer Labeling

Specialty 2— Program Operations
i.e.; Record-Keeping, Menu Planning, Creditable Foods, Meal Patterns, Claims Processing, Meal Service, Program Monitoring

Specialty 3-- Training & Technology
i.e.; Monitoring, Training Strategies, CACFP Software, Online Training, Provider Resources

Specialty 4 – Program Administration
i.e.; Serious Deficiency, CACFP Management Plans, Program Integrity, Enrollment, Eligibility, NDL, Program Eligibility, Training, Childcare Licensing, Program Recordkeeping, Program Appeals

Specialty 5 – Financial Management
i.e.; Budgeting, Claims, Cost-Allocation, Financial Management, Accounting, OMB Super Circular, Procurement, Administrative Payment Systems, Program Review and Audit Requirements

Specialty 6 – Non-profit Management
i.e.; Staffing, Marketing, Communications, Vendor Management, Program Eligibility, Governing Bodies

Specialty 7 – Civil Rights & Policy
i.e.; Civil Rights, Advocacy, Regulations, Child Nutrition Reauthorization, IOM

*Specialties 1-3 are required for the CACFP Child Nutrition Professional and education credits in specialties 1-7 are required for the CACFP Management Professional certification.

Maintaining Certification

Your CACFP Professional Certification is valid for three years.

Renewal Process

It is your responsibility to renew on time to avoid your certification being canceled. Each individual is responsible for maintaining and keeping records of CEUs earned.

Submit your renewal fee with the renewal form to NCA at least four weeks prior to certification expiration. After NCA reviews and approves your certification renewal, you will receive notification of approval. If your renewal form is incomplete, you will receive a letter explaining what is required to maintain your certification.

NCA will check proof of CEUs via a random audit. Only those chosen for the audit will be required to send in documentation of CEUs earned. If you are selected for an audit, a notification to send CEU documentation to NCA will be included in your annual renewal notice

If NCA does not receive your renewal documents within 30 calendar days of your certification renewal date, you will have to re-submit a new application and pay the initial certification fee again.


Renewal Requirements
You must complete the required number of CEUs during your certification period to be eligible for renewal.

CACFP Child Nutrition Professional
(16) Hours CEU in Specialties 1-3 with a minimum of (2) CEUs in each specialty

CACFP Management Professional
(24) Hours CEU in Specialties 1-7 with a minimum of (2) CEUs in each specialty

Certification Renewal Fees
CACFP Child Nutrition Professional $50.00
CACFP Management Professional $100.00


CACFP_Professionals_Directory.pngDual CACFP Management & Child Nutrition Professional

CACFP Management Professional

CACFP Child Nutrition Professional

Certified CACFP Professionals



Aimee Beam, CMP, CCNP ● DE Department of Education ● Dover ● Delaware

Alan Mills, CMP, CCNP ● Community Childcare Food Supplement, Inc ● Savannah ● Georgia

Alva Johnston, CMP, CCNP ● FP Assistance, Inc. ● Forney ● Texas

Amelia Narcisi, CMP, CCNP ● Les Petits Cherubs ● Radnor ● Pennsylvania

Amy Allen, CMP, CCNP ● Southern New Hampshire Services, Inc. ● Raymond ● New Hampshire

Ana Laura Cortazar, CMP, CCNP ● Community Council of Idaho, Inc ● Caldwell ● Idaho

Angie Dyson, CMP, CCNP ● Cornerstone Family Ministries ● Tampa ● Florida

Angie Holmberg, CMP, CCNP ● Adults & Children Alliance ● Lakeville ● Minnesota

Anji Armagost, CMP, CCNP ● Nutrition Works ● Boise ● Idaho

Annetta Rutland, CMP, CCNP ● 4C for Children ● Cincinnati ● Ohio

Annitar D. Frank, CMP, CCNP ● Lutheran Social Services of NY ● Brooklyn ● New York

Ashley Gill, CMP, CCNP ● AGP Resources, LLC ● TALLAHASSEE ● Florida

Barbara Wagner, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Council of Nassau ● Garden City ● New York

Beth Carlton, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Links ● Hutchinson ● Kansas

Billie Joe Meehan, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Resource Network ● Cheektowaga ● New York

Brendia Moses, CMP, CCNP ● KCEOC Community Action Partnership ● Barbourville ● Kentucky

Brian Wieher, CMP, CCNP ● Operation Food Search ● Saint Louis ● Missouri

Carol Wentworth, CMP, CCNP ● Texans Can Academies ● Wylie ● Texas

Catherine M Harper, CMP, CCNP ● Nutrition for Children ● Champaign ● Illinois

Cathy Rosa, CMP, CCNP ● HOPES CAP Inc. ● Hoboken ● New Jersey

Chevonne Potter, CMP, CCNP ● CACFP Nutrition Resources ● Houston ● Texas

Christa Widener, CMP, CCNP ● Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency ● Cookeville ● Tennessee

Christine McLean, CMP, CCNP ● Acelero Learning ● Perth Amboy ● New Jersey

Christy Frazier, CMP, CCNP ● United 4 Children ● St. Louis ● Missouri

Connie Morrison, CMP, CCNP ● Pinal Gila Community Child Services, Inc. ● Coolidge ● Arizona

Corina Cox, CMP, CCNP ● Noah's Ark CACFP ● Chanute ● Kansas

Cynthia Ehrhart, CMP, CCNP ● Navy Mid Atlantic IC Region Child and Youth Pros ● Norfolk ● Virginia

Dana Williams, CMP, CCNP ● Mtn Home AFB Family Child Care ● Mtn Home AFB ● Idaho

Demond Woods, CMP, CCNP ● First Class Children's Center ● Rosharon ● Texas

Denise Andrews, CMP, CCNP ● For The Children CACFP ● Vici ● Oklahoma

Dietrich Nickleberry-Love, CMP, CCNP ● DNL Food Management Consulting Services ● Plano ● Texas

Donald Reese Goff, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Resources ● Richmond ● Virginia

Donna Darlene Vukmanic, CMP, CCNP ● Blue Prints ● Washington ● Pennsylvania

Donna Paxton, CMP, CCNP ● Creating Tasty Choices Food Program ● Cleveland ● Texas

Dorleen Wolbaum, CMP, CCNP ● Heartland Child Nutrition, Inc. ● Bismark ● North Dakota

Dr. Lawrence Karow, CMP, CCNP ● UMC Food Ministry ● Latonia ● Kentucky

Ekta Patel, CMP, CCNP ● Family services ● High Point ● North Carolina

Elizabeth Wittusen, CMP, CCNP ● Child Nutrition Inc ● Warrenton ● Virginia

Ellla Grimes, CMP, CCNP ● Regina Coeli Child Development Center ● Robert ● Louisiana

Heather Coverdale, CMP, CCNP ● DE Department of Education ● Dover ● Delaware

Jamie Swan, CMP, CCNP ● Community Action Partnership of Strafford County ● Dover ● New Hampshire

Janice VanSant, CMP, CCNP ● Children & Families First ● Wilmington ● Delaware

Jennifer Kimbrell, CMP, CCNP ● Save the Children ● Ruleville ● Mississippi

Jill Barracato, CMP, CCNP ● Greenbelt Children's Center ● Greenbelt ● Maryland

Joshua Smith, CMP, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Jslena Robertson CMP, CCNP ● Lancaster Early Education Center ● Lancaster ● Pennsylvania

Julia Whitebird, CCNP, CMP ● Leech Lake Early Childhood ● Cass Lake ● Minnesota

Julie Greene, CMP, CCNP ● Hampton Road Community Action Program Inc. ● Smithfield ● Virginia

Karen Ray, CMP, CCNP ● Regina Coeli Child Development Center ● Robert ● Louisiana

Kasie Broherd, CMP, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of Tennessee ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Kati Wagner, CMP, CCNP ● Wildwood CACFP, Inc ● Centennial ● Colorado

Katie Waara, CMP, CCNP ● BHK Child Development ● LAnse ● Michigan

Kim Kovol, CMP, CCNP ● Bean's Cafe ● Anchorage ● Alaska

Lana Taylor, CMP, CCNP ● Indiana Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs ● Rushville ● Indiana

Leah Penna, CMP, CCNP ● FP Assistance, Inc. ● Forney ● Texas

Lisa Nimmer, CMP, CCNP ● Healthy Kids ● Greenville ● Alabama

Lizbeth Maturin, CMP, CCNP ● St. Anthony School ● milwaukee ● Wisconsin

Londa Tindle, CMP, CCNP ● Providers Premier Choice of SEK, Inc. ● FREDONIA ● Kansas

Lori Ferris, CMP, CCNP ● SCICAP Early Childhood Program ● New Virginia ● Iowa

Lorraine Scuccimarra, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Council of Dutchess & Putnam, Inc. ● Poughkeepsie ● New York

Margarette Stephens, CMP, CCNP ● Saginaw ISD Head Start ● Saginaw ● Michigan

Maria Elena Florez, CMP, CCNP ● West Texas Opportunities Inc ● La Mesa ● Texas

Mary Beth Rogers, CMP, CCNP ● Day Nursery Association ● Scantron ● Pennsylvania

Mary Greer, CMP, CCNP ● CAO of WNY Head Start Program ● Buffalo ● New York

Maves Ranola CMP, CCNP ● Lutheran Services Florida ● Tampa ● Florida

Megan Evenson, CMP, CCNP ● Family Service ● Lincoln ● Nebraska

Michelle Johnson, CMP, CCNP ● KCEOC Community Action Partnership ● Barbourville ● Kentucky

Mindy David-Graybeal, CMP, CCNP ● First Choice Support Services Inc. ● Salina ● Kansas

Molly Manley, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Answers ● Indianapolis ● Indiana

Nelzarle Wynn, CMP, CCNP ●  Vision Educational Center ●  Dillon ●  South Carolina

Nina Dodd, CMP, CCNP ● Gulf coast Community Services Association ● Houston ● Texas

Norma Collado, CMP, CCNP ● Kingsbridge Heights CC ● Bronx ● New York

Olutoyin Okunoren, CMP, CCNP ● WST Enterprises, Inc ● Forest Park ● Georgia

Pam Ehmke, CMP, CCNP ● Noah's Ark CACFP ● Chanute ● Kansas

Patrice Siergiey, CMP, CCNP ● Capstone Community Action ● Barre ● Vermont

Patrick Dibert, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Resources ● Richmond ● Virginia

Paula Dean, CMP, CCNP ● Detroit Public School Community District ● Detroit ● Michigan

Phillip Hester, CMP, CCNP  ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Rhonda Garvin, CMP, CCNP ● Navy Child and Youth Programs ● Norfolk ● Virginia

Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP ● Acelero Learning ● North Las Vegas ● Nevada

Rhonda Perry, CMP, CCNP ● Community Action Partnership ● Lincoln ● Nebraska

Robin Paul, CMP, CCNP ● Mid Michigan Child Care Centers, Inc ● Freeland ● Michigan

Ruth Uhey, CMP, CCNP ● Delaware Department of Education ● Dover ● Delaware

Sandra Marty, CMP, CCNP ● Highland Foods ● Miami ● Florida

Senta Hester, CMP, CCNP  ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Shannon Amos, CMP, CCNP ● Children's Hunger Alliance ● Columbus ● Ohio

Shauna Kendell, CMP, CCNP ● Childrens Classic ● Ogden ● Utah

Stacie Shurock, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Consultants, Inc. ● York ● Pennsylvania

Stephanie Manchester, CMP, CCNP ● Acelero Learning ● Forked River ● New Jersey

Suzanne Zanella, CMP, CCNP  ● YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh ● Pittsburgh ● Pennsylvania

Sylvia Thomas, CMP, CCNP ● MS State University/ALLIES for Quality Child Care ● Jackson ● Mississippi

Tara Lee Evans, CMP, CCNP ● Spokane Tribe of Indians ● Wellpinit ● Washington

Teresa Johnson, CMP, CCNP ● Family Services, Inc. ● GAITHERSBURG ● Maryland

Terri Sluss-Cole, CMP, CCNP ● Child Care Resource Center ● Lorain ● Ohio

Tina Bischoff, CMP, CCNP ● Inspire Development Centers ● Sunnyside ● Washington

Tina Clifton, CMP, CCNP ● St Vincent de Paul ● Coeur d'Alene ● Idaho

Vernita Coleman, CMP, CCNP  ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Wande Okunoren-Meadows, CMP, CCNP ● WST Enterprises., Inc ● Forest Park ● Georgia

Yuwana Trice, CMP, CCNP ● Office Of School Nutrition Detroit Public Schools Community Disrtrct ● Detroit ● Michigan

CACFP Management Professional (CMP)

Alma Langrum, CMP ● AJL's Wings of Hope Inc ● Desoto ● Texas

Ana Barranco, CMP ● Family Central, Inc. ● Fort Lauderdale ● Florida

Bertressia Patterson, CMP ● SNAP, INC ● Fayetteville ● Georgia

Betel Tegegne, CMP ● Region 10 ESC ● Allen ● Texas

Bilkis Karim, CMP ● Kids R Kids Landstar ● Orlando ● Florida

Blanca Arteaga, CMP ● Children's Institute, Inc. ● Burbank ● California

Brenda Baldwin, CMP ● Southwest Human Development Services ● Austin ● Texas

Cara Sandoval Iversen, CMP ● Child Youth School Services - Army ● Honolulu ● Hawaii

Chanda Washington, CMP ● Family Resource & Referral Center ● Stockton ● California

Elizabeth Curtis, CMP ● Southwest Human Development Services ● Austin ● Texas

Erica Hayes, CMP ● Cornerstone Learning Academy & Childcare LLC ● Houston ● Texas

Erica Jordan, CMP ● Mississippi ● MCCCOMB ● Mississippi

Gail Birch, CMP ● Providers Choice ● Minnetonka ● Minnesota

Blake Stanford, CMP ● Southwest Human Development Services ● Austin ● Texas

Jeanette Wiley, CMP ● Jasmine Nyree Center ● Bakersfield ● California

Jennifer Johnson, CMP ● Crowley's Ridge Development Council, Inc. ● Jonesboro ● Arkansas


Jo Ann Elliott Miller, CMP ● Child Development Resources of Ventura County, Inc. ● Oxnard ● California

Juan Flores, CMP ● Children's Institute, Inc. ● Los Angeles ● California

Karen Velasco-Sanchez, CMP ● Child Care Network of New York ● Rego Park ● New York

Kristy Fasulo, CMP ● Community Development Institute ● Newport News ● Virginia

Marie Archer, CMP ● PUC/AR Children ● Bigelow ● Arkansas

Mark Atkins, CMP ● Father Joe's Villages ● San Diego ● California

Michelle Rosegreen, CMP ● Family Central, Inc. ● Fort Lauderdale ● Florida

Michelle Davis, CMP ● Community Action, Inc. ● Topeka ● Kansas

Nancy Lopez, CMP ● Southwest Human Development Services ● El Paso ● Texas

Nanzetta Webster, CMP ● Commission On Ecomomic Opportunity ● Troy ● New York

Nicole Harris, CMP ● PUC/AR Children ● Bigelow ● Arkansas

Olga Contreras, CMP ● Helping Hands, Inc ● Taylorsville ● Utah

Patrick Thomas, CMP ● US Army MWR CYSS ● APO ● New York

Paula MacKenzie, CMP ● Pathways for Children ● Gloucester ● Massachusetts

Rosa Franklin, CMP ● Epworth Christian Day School ● Chickasha ● Oklahoma

Santos Maldonado, CMP ● Second Harvest Food Bank Central Florida ● Orlando ● Florida

Sharvonda Bratton, CMP ● Avance Houston ● Houston ● Texas

Shea Showers, CMP ● Peppermint Plantation, Inc ● Midland ● Texas

Sheana Behringer, LPN, CMP ● Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission ● Defiance ● Ohio

Shelly Fuentes, CMP ● Peppermint Plantation ● Midland ● Texas

Stephanie Gray, CMP ● Yolo County Office of Education ● Woodland ● California

Susan Ison, CMP ● Helping Hands, Inc. ● Taylorsville ● Utah

Tamar Wynn, CMP ● Vision Educational Center ● Dillon ● South Carolina

Theresa Hutson, CMP ● Mee-mom's Quality Plus ● Philadelphia ● Pennsylvania

Tom Saunders, CMP ● Child Care Resources Inc ● Columbus ● Ohio

Valerie Cable, CMP ● Day Care Connection ● Lenexa ● Kansas

Vicki Lipscomb, CMP ● Child Nutrition Program, Inc. ● Charlotte ● North Carolina

Vickie Hartel, CMP ● Salem-Keizer Public Schools ● Salem ● Oregon

CACFP Child Nutrition Professional (CCNP)

Adraine Garner, CCNP ● Littlejohn Community Center ● Clemson ● South Carolina

Afonda Johnson, CCNP ● Children's Hunger Alliance ● Columbus ● Ohio

Aleisha D Smith, CCNP ● Spokane Dr ● Fruitland ● Washington

Alisa Davis, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread CACFP ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Alix Pasillas, CMP, CCNP ● Food For Kids Inc ● Reno ● Nevada

Amanda Pour, CCNP ● Child Inc Head Start ● Austin ● Texas

Amparo Osorio, CCNP ● Highland Food Resources, Inc ● Miami ● Florida

Amy Ballain, CCNP ● Eastern Idaho Community Action Partnership ● Idaho Falls ● Idaho

Amy Stang, CCNP ● Child Care Resource Center ● Lorain ● Ohio

Amy Trenter, CCNP ● Lauretta M Eno Early Learning Center ● Quincy ● Illinois

Andrea Cuna-Bennett, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Angeles Umana, CCNP ● Children's Institute, Inc. ● Los Angeles ● California

Angelique Ayala, CCNP ● CDI Headstart serving Rockaway Beach ● Rockaway Beach ● New York

Anna Lockwood, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Anna-Marie Billups, CCNP ● CAO Head Start of Western NY ● Buffalo ● New York

Anne Zschoche, CCNP ● Child Care Aware of Steuben and Schuyler ● Bath ● New York

Anthony Mosely, CCNP ● Guilford Child Development ● Greensboro ● North Carolina

April Curry, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of TN., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Ashley Yawn ● Highland Food Resources ● Miami ● Florida

Barbara Ortega, CCNP ● Human Services Association ● Huntington Park ● California

Bethanie Roberts, CCNP ● AS Childrens Center ● Northridge ● California

Bianca Gaytan, CCNP ● Avance Houston, Inc ● Houston ● Texas

Blake Hester, CCNP  ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Brenda Ladson Powell, CCNP ● Beaufort - Jasper EOC ● Ridgeland ● South Carolina

Britney Fontaine, CCNP ● Ymca Memphis & Mis South ● lakeland ● Tennessee

Casey Pittis, CCNP ● Harcatus ● Dennison ● Ohio

Cathy Richards, CCNP ● Child Care Resource Center ● Lorain ● Ohio

Charlene Olson, CCNP ● 4C for Children ● Cincinnati ● Ohio

Chelsea Sterling, CCNP ● Westside Community Improvement Association ● Eureka ● California

Christina Flythe , CCNP ● Child Care Council of Suffolk, Inc. ● Commack ● New York

Constantine Autry-Boykin, CCNP ● Child Care Provider ● Alexandria ● Virginia

Corina Cortez, CCNP ● Inspire Development Centers ● Sunnyside ● Washington

Corlette Brooks, CCNP ● Palm Beach County School District ● Riviera Beach ● Florida

Decenia Fernandez, CCNP ● Child Care Council of Sufolk ● Commack ● New York

Destiny Little, CCNP ● Center For New Communities ● San Antonio ● Texas

Donna Bourgeois, CCNP ● United Counseling Services ● Bennington ● Vermont

Elizabeth Brenis, CCNP ● Highland Food Resources, Inc ● Miami ● Florida

Elizabeth Flores, CCNP ● A Place Called Home ● Los Angeles ● California

Emily Barrow, CCNP ● Child Care Answers ● Indianapolis ● Indiana

Erika Pena, CCNP ● Community Council of Idaho, Inc. ● Caldwell ● Idaho

Erin Casey, CCNP ● SNHS Inc. ● Manchester ● New Hampshire

Evelyn Lopez, CCNP ● Helping Hands, Inc ● Taylorsville ● Utah

Gabriela Rangel, CCNP ● Child & Family Resources, Inc ● Tucson ● Arizona

Gale Pounds, CCNP ● Storybrooke Academy ● Ft Pierce ● Florida

Ginger Okumoto, CCNP ● Bean's Cafe ● Anchorage ● Alaska

Gladys Seals, CCNP ● Clinch-Powell Educational Cooperative Head Start/Early Head Start ● Tazdwell ● Tennessee

Heather Ice, CCNP ● Noah's Ark CACFP ● Chanute ● Kansas

Hortense O. Bennet, CCNP ● Total Community Action ● New Orleans ● Louisiana

Ida Davis, CCNP ● Community Service Program Head Star ● Tuscaloosa ● Alabama

J Joy Nolan, CCNP ● DHS-Child Care ● Little Rock ● Arkansas

Jane Marquis, CCNP ● Nashua Adult Learning Center ● Nashua ● Ohio

Jasmyne Adams, CCNP ● The Bean Foundation ● Washington ● Washington, D.C.

Jason Brown, CCNP ● Delaware Department of Education ● Dover ● Delaware

Jean Bianchi, CCNP ● Clarendon Early Education Services, Inc. ● Bedford ● Massachusetts


Jen Brown, CCNP ● Child Care Council of Orang County ● Goshen ● New York

Jennifer Medley, CCNP ● Guilford Child Development ● Greensboro ● North Carolina

Jennifer Reno, CCNP ● Anaheim Family YMCA ● Anaheim ● California

John Tyson Caldwell, CCNP ● Children's Choice Learning Center ● Pearland ● Texas

Josue Vilbrun, CCNP ● Lutheran Services Florida ● Jacksonville ● Florida

Joyce Mason, CCNP ● ChildSavers ● Richmond ● Virginia

Joyce Wong, CCNP ● Food Services Group, Inc. ● White Plains ● New York

Joyetta Johnson, CCNP ● Community Action Organization ● Buffalo ● New York

Julie Martinez, CCNP ● Rising Starz Child Care Center ● Carrollton ● Texas

Kara Flaming, CCNP ● Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma ● Perkins ● Oklahoma

Karen Palmer McKenzie, CCNP ● Lutheran Services of Florida ● West Palm Beach ● Florida

Karina Nunez, CCNP ● Storybrooke Preschool Academy ● Ft Pierce ● Florida

Kathleen Abernathy, CCNP ● Providers Choice ● Minnetonka ● Minnesota

Kathy Kappeman, CCNP ● Child Care Links ● Hutchinson ● Kansas

Kelly Mendez, CCNP ● Educare of Omaha ● omaha ● Nebraska

Kelly Van Rheen, CCNP ● Motivation, Education & Training, Inc. ● Cleveland ● Texas

Keriann Shine, CCNP ● Rural AK Community Action Program ● Anchorage ● Alaska

Kimberly Fleming, CCNP ● Regina Coeli Child Development Center ● Lacombe ● Louisiana

Kira Rodriguez, CCNP ● Lutheran Services Florida ● Tampa ● Florida

Kristina Bedikian, CCNP ● Acelero Head Start Clark County ● North Las Vegas ● Nevada

Laleya Christianson CCNP ● Bean's Cafe ● Anchorage ● Alaska

LaRae Steffan, CCNP ● The Improvement Association ● Emporia ● Virginia

Lashae Coleman, CCNP ● YWCA of the Mohawk Valley ● Utica ● New York

Leslie Schmille, CCNP ● Action for Boston Community Development ● Boston ● Massachusetts

Lindy Pagliaroni, CCNP ● Family of Woodstock, Inc. ● Kingston ● New York

Lisa Laclede, CCNP ● ChildCareGroup ● Dallas ● Texas

Lisa Means, CMP, CCNP ● The Villages of Indiana ● Bloomington ● Indiana

Margarita Avila, CCNP ● AVANCE-Houston, Inc. ● Houston ● Texas

Maria Navarro, CCNP ● Child Care Resource Network ● Buffalo ● New York

Mark Wainwright, CCNP ● It Takes A Village To Feed One Child Inc. ● Ridley Park ● Pennsylvania

Mary L. Watson, CCNP ● Pittslyvania County Community Action Head Start ● Danville ● Virginia

Mary Sanchez , CCNP ● Child Care Council of Nassau, Inc. ● Garden city ● New York

Megan Cook, CCNP ● Child Care Consultants, Inc. ● York ● Pennsylvania

Meiqing Ou, CCNP ● PATCH ● Honolulu ● Hawaii

Melba Moore, CCNP ● Telamon ● Raleigh ● North Carolina

Melek Yavuz, CCNP ● Child Care Solutions ● Syracuse ● New York

Melissa Moore, CCNP ● Family League of Baltimore ● Baltimore ● Maryland

Melissa Reynosa, CCNP ● Helping Hands, Inc ● Taylorsville ● Utah

Melissa Sayers, CCNP ● Nutrition Programs, Delaware Department of Education ● Dover ● Delaware

Melissa Smicker, CCNP ● Nutrition Works ● Boise ● Idaho

Melissa Wiltsey, CCNP ● Ms. Missy's Childcare ● clayton ● New Jersey

Michelle Buckson, CCNP ● Lejeune - New River Child & Youth Programs ● Camp Lejeune ● North Carolina

Michelle Stickley , CCNP ● The Association for Child Development ● Lapeer ● Michigan

Migdal Leon, CCNP ● Lutheran Service Florida ● Tampa ● Florida

Nicole Best, CCNP ● HRCAP Head Start-Early Head Start ● Newport News ● Virginia

Ofelia Noriega, CCNP ● Highland Food Resources, Inc ● Miami ● Florida

Pauline Dufour, CCNP ● Placer County Office of Education ● Auburn ● California

Phillip Dean Hester II, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Rachael Bliss, CCNP ● Capstone Community Action ● Plainfield ● Vermont

Rachael Liles, CCNP ● Community Development Institute North Texas ● Granbury ● Texas

Ramona Kizziar, CCNP ● Metropolitan Development Council ● Tacoma ● Washington

Ramonita Figueroa, CCNP ● Lutheran Services Florida Children & Head Start Services ● Tampa ● Florida

Ricardo Berrios, CCNP ● Acelero Learning ● South Amboy ● New Jersey

Rocio Hernandez, CCNP ● Go Kids Inc ● Gilroy ● California

Salome Pemberton, CCNP ● Food Services Group ● BROOKLYN ● New York

Sandra Ortega, CCNP ● Monterey County - Head Start and Early Head Start ● Gilroy ● California

Sandy Davila, CCNP ● Fort Campbell CACFP ● Fort Campbell ● Kentucky

Sandy Zook, CCNP ● Children's Treehouse, ELC ● Glenmoore ● Pennsylvania

Sara Sanchez, CCNP ● Lutheran Services Florida ● Tampa ● Florida

Sarah Cascaes, CCNP  ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Shannon Petz-Musacchia , CCNP ● Regina Coeli Child Development Center ● Robert ● Louisiana

Shannon Donahue, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of TN ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Sharon Heath, CCNP ● Moving Forward 4 You! ● Bronx ● New York

Shauna Best, CCNP ● Childcare Council of Orange County ● Gosher ● New York

Sheron Givings , CCNP ● Family Central, Inc. ● Fort Lauderdale ● Florida

Sherry Warren, CCNP ● Our Daily Bread of Tn., Inc. ● Knoxville ● Tennessee

Sonia Ahuja, CCNP ● Food Services Group, Inc ● New York ● New York

Spencer Tengan, CCNP ● Honolulu Community Action Program Inc Head Start ● Honolulu ● Hawaii

Stephanie Simmons, CCNP ● Child Care Resource Network ● Buffalo ● New York

Sue Maxwell, CCNP ● Nutrition First CACFP ● Salem ● Oregon

Susan Lorenzo-Luaces, CCNP ● Highland Food Resources, Inc ● Miami ● Florida

Susan Lincoln, CCNP ● Rutgers - Livingston Day Care Center ● Piscataway ● New Jersey

Tammy Lynn Montgomery, CCNP ● Pearl River Opportunity, Inc ● Columbia ● Mississippi

Teresa L Ortega, CCNP ● Child Care Resources of Rockland ● Spring Valley ● New York

Teryl Klova, CCNP ● Acelero Learning Camden/Philedelphia ● Philadelphia ● Pennsylvania

Theresa DiSalvo, CCNP ● Child Care Council of Nassau ● Garden City ● New York

Thiry Kern, CCNP ● Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative ● Omaha ● Nebraska

Tiffany McBride, CCNP ● Northwestern Ohio Community Action Commission ● Defiance ● Ohio

Tomekia Holman, CCNP ● Region 10 Education Service Center ● Richardson, TX ● Texas

Valerie Furlow, CCNP ● Acelero Learning Camden/Philedelphia ● Camden ● New Jersey

Veronica James, CCNP ● Gulf Coast Community Services Association ● Houston ● Texas

Wesley Myrick, CCNP ● One 2 One Educational Support ● Peachtree Corners ● Georgia

William Lee, CCNP ● Little Stars Preschool ● Oakland ● California

Yazmin Roman , CCNP ● Early Head Start Bayamon ● Bayamon ● Puerto Rico

Crystal Rozelle, CCNP ● Family Enrichment Network ● Johnson City ● New York

Lisa Rosa, CCNP ● Family Enrichment Network ● Johnson City ● New York

Job Title: Registered Dietitian


Agency: National CACFP Sponsors Association

May 22, 2019

We have an exciting new opportunity that will be coming soon!  If you are interested in learning more about this position, please email us at Check back for more information in the coming days. 



Job Title: Dietitian


Agency: Continuing Development Inc.

May 13, 2019

The registered dietitian will work under the supervision of the Senior Director, CFC. He/she will be responsible for planning, developing and directing all nutritional care standards and providing wellness and nutritional education and resources for the agency, children and families. This position will directly supervise nutritionists who manage the Center and Family Child Care food programs throughout California. They will be responsible for ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations and oversight of all fiscal and program audits. 

Apply here


Job Title: Food Program Manager


Agency: Pine Forest Children's Center

May 13, 2019

The Food Program Manager is responsible for preparing and serving breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack to approximately 70 children aged 6 months to 6 years of age. The hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am-1:30pm. The Food Program Manager also has the opportunity to engage in nutrition education for the children at the Pine Forest Children’s Center.

Please e-mail Julie LaFountaine with inquiries, at


Job Title: Nutrition Program Coordinator


Agency: City of Tempe Kid Zone 

April 12, 2019

Coordinate & oversee nutrition education program during afterschool & summer programs. Supervise Nutrition Educ. staff including training in effective teaching techniques. Support school staff in nutrition education efforts. Teach approved Nutrition Educ Curriculum to school students and community. Oversee Nutrition special community events. Help prepare & monitor program budget. Ensure compliance w/ grant & state regulations. Prepare program marketing materials. Compile data for grant reports. 

Apply Here


Job Title: Cook


Agency: University of Tennessee, Knoxville ELC

March 11, 2019

The Cook implements food service preparation on a daily basis at one location of the Early Learning Center (Lake Avenue or White Avenue), under the direct supervision of the ELC Chief Cook and administrators; supports ELC food philosophies and goals by participating in the development of high-quality menus and food program initiatives; maintains Department of Health compliance with all food service regulations.

Apply at 

Job Title: Budget Compliance Specialist


Agency: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

February 14, 2019

The Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning has a career opportunity for a Budget Compliance Specialist in the Nutrition Division. This position reviews and approves Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program budgets and ensures costs are only approved for allowable costs. This position performs a variety of complex, analytical duties/functions including evaluation of financial documentation and accounting records to ensure annual cost estimates and revenue projections are compliant with federal regulations and state policy guidance. Interested individuals may use the link below to apply online by Monday, February 18, 2019.

 Apply Here

Job Title: Infant/Toddler Teacher


Agency: In God's Hands Christian Youth Center

February 6, 2019

Christian Child Care center is accepting resumes for an infant/toddler teacher. Seeking service oriented, career minded individuals who love working with children. Flexible schedules available.Background checks required.Minimum CDA required for teaching positions.Will accept individuals currently enrolled inAssociate Degree or CDA Programs. CDA apprenticeships are available.

 Please e-mail resumes to:



Job Title: Preschool Teacher


Agency: Melrose Day Care Center

February 6, 2019

Melrose Day Care Center and Preschool is looking for a full time preschool teacher.  Must be EEC teacher qualified.  Very competitive salary and benefits offered.  



Job Title: Teacher Assistant 


Agency: Thomas B. Hargrave Educational Center

February 6, 2019

We are looking for a Teacher Assistant for our 4 year old class. The candidate must be a fun, loving, friendly energetic individual. They will be required to reinforce lessons presented by the teacher, review materials with students one-on-one or in small groups. Enforce school and class rules to help teach students proper behavior, help the teacher with record keeping, such as tracking attendance. Candidate must be energetic, spontaneous, creative, and love children.The individual will help the teacher prepare for lessons by getting materials ready or setting up equipment, help supervise students in class, between classes, during lunch and recess, and on field trips. The candidate must have preschool experience, be able to pass a background check, upon starting employment, a negative TB test, CPR/First Aid certified and a health food certification.  Hours will be from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. 

Email resume to:


Job Title: Preschool Teacher


Agency: Thomas B. Hargrave Educational Center

February 6, 2019

We are looking for a Preschool Teacher in our 4 year old class. The hours will be Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. A minimum of an Associates Degree. The Ideal candidate must be 18 years of age, at least 2 years of experience in a preschool teacher position, be able to pass a criminal and social services background check, CPR/First Aid certified, be able to obtain training hours required by the state, have a negative PPD skin test, be able to obtain a health food card, as well as other credentials required by the state and facility. Degree and Experience will determine if the salary will increase.

Email resume to:


Job Title: Nutrition Services Manager


Agency: Houston Food Bank

January 15, 2019

The nutrition services manager is responsible for providing leadership and accountability within Kids Café (CACFP and SFSP).  The nutrition services manager will oversee all aspects of compliance to the meal program’s local, state and national regulations purchasing under TDA guidelines, menu creation, nutrition analysis, metrics, allergy processes, production records, audit preparation, inventory management and procurement.  The manager will also serve as the ServSafe/HACCP liaison and work in collaboration with the Kids’ Café administrative team.  The nutrition services manager will be responsible for supervising the Kids’ Café inventory receiving associate and will work closely with the kitchen manager to assist with supervising the meal production staff and providing training as needed. 

Apply here


Job Title: Bureau Chief (Public Services Manager 2)


Agency: Iowa Department of Education

January 11, 2019

The Iowa Department of Education, Bureau of Nutrition and Health Services has another job opening for Bureau Chief (Public Services Manager 2) responsible for supervision, administration and oversight of the USDA Child Nutrition Programs. 

Apply here


Job Title: Lead Cook


Agency: Boys & Girls Club of the Tri-County Area (WI)

January 9, 2019

This is a part-time position offering 15-20 hours per week. School year hours will be afternoons into early evenings. Summer hours will be mornings into early afternoons.

The Lead Cook is responsible for preparing menus, placing food orders, tracking meal counts, supervising additional kitchen help, and preparing and serving meals. It is the responsibility of every staff member to cultivate and maintain positive donor relationships and to promote the components of health, wellness and fitness to achieve the goals of the organization.

 To apply, contact Mindy Collado:


Job Title: CACFP Consultant


Agency: State of Iowa

January 7, 2019

The State of Iowa has an opening for a CACFP consultant responsible for conducting State agency CACFP monitoring reviews. Applications are due January 28, 2019.

Apply here


Job Title: DIETITIAN - School Food Service


Agency: Escambia County School District

December 12, 2018

1.  Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited educational institution.

2.  Registered through the Commission on Dietetic Registration or eligible for registration having completed educational requirements and supervised practice program. 

3.  Qualifications may vary from the above requirements to such a degree as the Superintendent and Board determine is necessary and appropriate to ensure properly qualified personnel in each specialized assignment.

Apply here


Job Title: Assistant Teacher


Agency: YMCA Early Learning Center at Red Maple Grove

November 8, 2018

YMCA Early Learning Center at Red Maple Grove
2901 E. Tabor Street
Indianapolis IN 46203

We serve children ages 3 to 5 years
Two positions:
1st shift 6:30am to 12:30pm
2nd shift 12:30pm to 6:00pm

To apply and for more details, go to:

Job Title: Food Services Manager


Agency: Acelero Learning Wisconsin Head Start

November 8, 2018

The Food Services Manager is responsible for the ordering, preparing, serving and documentation of meals and snacks for this Head Start program. It includes following menus and all phases of kitchen operations including inventory control.  The position contributes to the smooth operations and functioning of the kitchen in adherence to health and food safety codes and the strict cleanliness of the kitchen and food service and storage areas. This position oversees meal services at the various centers. The position may prepare foods for infants and toddlers and/or preschool children following the CACFP standards.

If interested please visit for more information. 


Job Title: Nutrition Program Consultant


Agency: Minnesota Department of Education

November 8, 2018

This position exists to provide consultative services and administrative review visits for USDA’s Child Nutrition programs including both the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). The role is for statewide oversight within the Department of Education, Nutrition, Health and Youth Development Division for ensuring implementation of federal child nutrition programs operated by organizations throughout the state. Determines compliance with regulations through the scheduling and implementation of on-site administrative reviews and when possible, desk reviews. Recommends appropriate corrective actions, may on occasion include recommendation for termination of program participation.  Provides technical assistance and training to program participants both in large groups during workshops and in small groups while on site. The goal is to enable operators to achieve compliance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations, and to improve the nutrition quality of meals served to children in care.  Promotes MDE and federal child nutrition programs and federal nutrition standards to stakeholders. 

Apply here Roseville

Apply here Northwestern Minnesota


Job Title: Chef


Agency: Bright Horizons in Eglin, IL

November 7, 2018

We are looking for a full time Chef to join our team. Hours of work are Monday through Friday 7:15 am-2:45 pm, as well as event dates 1 to 2 x's per month.

We are Bright Horizons in Elgin. We offer a full benefits package as well as a great work life balance. Come see what working for a fortune 100 company is like.

Please contact us at 847-488-2067 or for immediate consideration, or visit the Bright Horizons website at We look forward to meeting you!




Job Title: Dietition - School Food Service


Agency: The School District of Escambia County

November 7, 2018

The purpose of this position is to provide a nutritionally sound and cost efficient food services program that will meet the needs of students while maintaining compliance with all state and federal guidelines as they relate to the National School Lunch, School Breakfast, and After School Snack Programs.

Apply here


Job Title: Child Nutrition Programs Supervisor - Child Nutrition Services


Agency: State of Washington - Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

August 24, 2018

Do you believe in the power of good nutrition to support children's learning? Are you interested in assisting school districts and other institutions in providing children with healthy and nutritious meals? The Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) seeks a visionary and dynamic individual to join the OSPI team as the Community Nutrition Programs Supervisor – Child Nutrition Services. This full-time position is based in Olympia, Washington.

This position supervises the administration and management of the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Community Nutrition Programs – Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program - in Washington State. These programs have an annual federal reimbursement of approximately $50 million to program sponsors.

Apply here


Job Title: Sales Associate


Agency: Minute Menu

August 14, 2018

We are looking for a Sales Associate to follow up on leads and sell our software to a variety of clients inside the childcare space. Your role will be to seek new business opportunities by contacting and developing relationships with potential and existing customers. The Sales Associate will report to the Director of Sales.

To be successful in this role, you should be resourceful, scrappy, and an out-of-the-box creative problem solver. Our ideal candidate has experience in the CACFP or childcare space. You will use your communication skills to cultivate strong relationships with customers, from first contact until you close the deal. You will also ensure proper after-sales service. If you are motivated and results-driven, and enjoy working in a team environment, we’d like to meet you. This position will encompass inbound lead qualification, outbound sales prospecting, up-selling to current customers, and closing new accounts.

Ultimately, you will boost sales and contribute to our long-term business growth.

For applications, please email your resume and cover letter to

Job Description



Job Title: Registered Dietician


Agency: Pamona Unified School District 

July 19, 2018

Pomona Unified School District’s Child Development Program is currently recruiting for a Registered Dietitian. Recruitment #741

Application Deadline: August 3, 2018

Minimum Qualifications: High School Diploma or GED. Four year degree from an accredited college or university in nutrition, dietetics, food management or a directly related course of study. Current registration by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) as a Registered Dietitian.  Must maintain current registration throughout duration of employment as a Registered Dietitian.  Utilize own time to attend conferences or workshops to complete required hours. May require use of personal vehicle to make home visits, travel to schools or agencies.  

Apply here


Job Title: Experienced Cook


Agency: Angel Academy Early Learning Center 

July 18, 2018

Tulsa, OK -  Looking for an experienced cook.  Hours are 6:00 AM - 3:00 PM.  Please call Mrs. Tracy Smith at 918-520-4923 for more information. 



Job Title: Assistant Director of Child Nutrition


Agency: South Panola School District

July 16, 2018

The South Panola Child Nutrition (CN) Assistant Director will assist the Child Nutrition (CN) Director in overseeing all aspects of the district Child Nutrition Program (CNP) operation which includes administrating, planning, directing, assessing, implementing, and evaluating the program in order to meet the nutritional and educational needs of children, as they relate to the CNP.  The CN Assistant Director through guidance of the CN Director will be responsible for following the federal, state and local guidelines. The CN Assistant Director will serve as Interim Director of the CNP in the absence of the CN Director and will be overseen by the Superintendent who is the School Food Authority of the South Panola School District. 

Apply here


Job Title: Center Monitor IL


Agency: The Association for Child Development

July 16, 2018

Position reports to the Center Operations Manager. Primary responsibility is to educate child care Centers on all Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) requirements. Work is performed in the Hillside office and in Child Care Centers in outlying areas. Conduct Introductory, 4 week, Regular Center reviews, and meal observations. Ensure compliance with all CACFP, ISBE, USDA, and ACD rules. Process monthly claims and review errors.  

The Association for Child Development is one of the largest non-profit food program sponsors in Illinois. Our office is located in Hillside IL. We are committed to establishing healthy eating habits to last a lifetime for all the children in the care of our providers. Find us on the web at

To be considered, please submit cover letter and resume to: 



Job Title: Cook


Agency: Chittenango Child Care Center

June 18, 2018

Job Title: Education Program Consultant


Agency: Iowa Department of Education

May 7, 2018

This person will conduct management/program evaluations of the USDA the Child and Adult Care Food Programs, and the Summer Food Service Program as assigned for compliance with all Federal and State regulations and provides guidance governing participation in these programs.

Provides technical assistance to participants in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program, and Summer Food Service Program at times other than the formal review as requested. This assistance is provided in a variety of ways from on-site visits, to phone conversations, e-mails, referral, or by providing reference material. Performs other specialized functions associated with the operation of one or all of the USDA Child Nutrition Programs as assigned including fostering healthy child nutrition program environments and promoting positive nutrition education and physical activity messages and behaviors.

Apply here


Job Title: Nutrition Program Supervisor-DF


Agency: North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

April 23, 2018

The NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), in collaboration with its partners, protects the health and safety of all North Carolinians and provides essential human services.

The position manages the Special Nutrition Programs (SNP) Unit.  This includes the oversight of seven positions with direct supervision of two Public Health Program Supervisors, one Nutrition Program Consultant, one Business Officer, one Risk Mitigation Supervisor, one Public Health Consultant and one Administrative Assistant.  This position indirectly supervises a total of 31 staff as well as additional temporary and contract employees. This position is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the Child and Adult Care Food Program for the State of North Carolina. 

Apply here


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