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Partner Resources

5 Tips to Drink More Water

September 15, 2022

Alliance for Healthier Generation has created a resource to help you drink more water and fewer sweet beverages.

Baking Food Safety 101

September 12, 2022

Food safety in the kitchen is very important. Our friends At Home Baking Association recognize the importance of food safety and have created a useful infographic.

Fall & Winter ICN Training Sessions

September 8, 2022

The Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN) is offering virtual training sessions during the upcoming fall and winter. Register now to secure your spot and get learning!

Make Every Bite a Meditation

September 6, 2022

Mindful eating is a healthy practice that allows you to take each moment in. Our friends at American Heart Association have created a useful infographic to try out mindful eating.

Quick and Easy Back-to-School Tips

September 1, 2022

With the school year approaching, Vroom has created a bilingual resource with quick and easy back-to-school tips. The printable tip card sets include brain-building activities for children ages 0-5 to support school readiness skills in literacy, math, physical activity, science, and more.

Eat Healthy on a Budget

August 29, 2022

Eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, or fortified soy alternatives can be very expensive. MyPlate recognizes has created tips to help with budgeting for healthy food shopping.

Celebrate National Fruits & Veggies Month

August 25, 2022

September is National Fruits & Veggies Month. Our friends at Have A Plant – Produce for a Healthier Foundation have created a National Fruits and Veggies Month toolkit to celebrate all month long.

Rural Communities Leading the Way in Local Procurement

August 22, 2022

No Kid Hungry has created a resource on rural communities and food development. In this resource, you will learn about local food procurement strategies to create stronger bonds in their communities, purchase local seasonal foods, and create unique educational opportunities for children of all ages.

Ready for School? Resources to Reinforce Learning

August 18, 2022

With the school year approaching, Sesame Street in Communities added new resources to its School Readiness topic page to help all kids and families get ready for school.

Tips for Challenging Moments

August 15, 2022

Whether it be picky eating, saying no, or meltdowns, Vroom has created tips to build life strategies for children during challenging moments.