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Meal Pattern Minute

Looking for quick tips on some of the CACFP's hottest topics? Our nutrition education specialist, Isabel Ramos-Lebron, MS, RDN, LD, is here to help! Be sure to follow us on Instagram or on Facebook for more tips, recipes and resources!

Meal Pattern Minute: Home-Canned Fruits and Vegetables

We’ve covered home-frozen foods, now how about home-canned foods? Are they #CACFPCreditable?

Meal Pattern Minute: Home-Frozen Fruits

Using frozen fruit is a great way to incorporate out-of-season flavors in your menu planning. But is it #CACFPCreditable if you do the freezing yourself?

Meal Pattern Minute: Crediting Tomatoes, Avocados and Pumpkins

If you wee a botanist, you would say that tomatoes, avocados and pumpkins are fruits because they have seeds surrounded by a fleshy exterior and they grow from the flower of the plant. But does that line up with how they credit in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: Surimi

Surimi – what is it and how do you serve it in the CACFP? Isabel is here to answer these questions and more!

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving Meats/Meat Alternates at Breakfast

Serving up scrambled eggs or meats for breakfast? Make sure you’re staying #CACFPCreditable with your menu planning!

Meal Pattern Minute: WIC Cereals

Are you serving cereals that are on the WIC (Women, Infants & Children) list? Hear about how you can use this resource to find #CACFPCreditable cereals.

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving Cranberry Sauce

‘Tis the season for holiday favorites! Is cranberry sauce creditable in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving Store-Bought Hummus

Get the lowdown on store-bought hummus and Product Formulation Statements!

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving Pancakes to Infants

What’s the deal with pancakes? Are they reimbursable in the CACFP? What about for 6 to 11 month olds?

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving Turkey Bacon and Turkey Sausage

You asked, and we are here to answer: are turkey sausage and turkey bacon creditable in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: Herbs and Spices

Are herbs and spices reimbursable in the CACFP? You need them to make your healthy meals and snacks flavorful, but are they reimbursable, or even allowable, in the meal pattern?

Meal Pattern Minute: Crediting Coconut

Coconut is so versatile! You can eat it fresh or shredded, and there’s even coconut water and coconut milk. So, is this jack-of-all-trades fruit creditable in the CACFP?

Meal Pattern Minute: Almond Milk as a Fluid Milk Substitute

Is almond milk reimbursable in the CACFP? Between dairy allergies and dietary preferences, it’s a popular beverage, so we’re not surprised you want to know!

Meal Pattern Minute: Crediting Popcorn

You want to include popcorn for your menu, but is it reimbursable as a vegetable in the CACFP? The answer may surprise you.

Meal Pattern Minute: Crediting Dried Fruit

So you want to stir raisins into oatmeal or sprinkle dried mango on top of yogurt. How do you credit that dried fruit in the CACFP meal pattern?

Meal Pattern Minute: Muffins vs. Doughnuts

You really want to know: why are muffins creditable but doughnuts are not?!

Meal Pattern Minute: Crediting Beans

Can beans be creditable as a meat/meat alternates AND a vegetable in the same meal?

Meal Pattern Minute: Creating a Breastfeeding-Friendly Environment

Do you know how to make a breastfeeding friendly environment at your center or daycare home? It’s best practice in the CACFP, so let’s dive in!