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Meal Pattern Minute

Looking for quick tips on some of the CACFP's hottest topics? Our nutrition education specialist, Isabel Ramos-Lebron, MS, RDN, LD, is here to help! Be sure to follow us on Instagram or on Facebook for more tips, recipes and resources!

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving Nuts & Seeds

Can peanuts, tree nuts, seeds or soy nuts be served to meet the full meat/meat alternate for a meal?

Meal Pattern Minute: Fruit & Milk Smoothies at Breakfast

Can you be reimbursed for a breakfast for serving a smoothie made of milk and fruits or vegetables? Well, yes, but you’re going to need some details.

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving Yogurt with Added Sugar

Can you serve yogurt with added sugars? Watch the video to hear the answer straight from our own nutrition education specialist.

Meal Pattern Minute: Serving a Second Vegetable in Lieu of Fruit for Lunch and/or Supper

Can you be reimbursed for a second vegetable at lunch or supper in lieu of a fruit? Let’s find out!