Complete the online application below if you will make payment by credit card.

Use the mail-in form to submit your application, documentation, and payment by check.

Mail-In Application Form

Renewal Application Form

Application Fees

  • CACFP Child Nutrition Professional  $ 75.00
  • CACFP Management Professional   $175.00

Renewal Application Fees

  • CACFP Child Nutrition Professional  $ 50.00
  • CACFP Management Professional   $100.00

Dual Certification
CACFP Professionals may hold both certifications but must provide documentation for both and submit application fees for both certifications.

Incomplete Applications
If NCA receives an incomplete application, candidates will receive a notice listing additional documentation needed to earn your certification. Requested documents must be received by NCA within 30 calendar days of receipt of notice or you will have to re-submit the entire application and pay the initial certification fee again.

Application fee is non-refundable.


Online Application

The online application consists of three steps:

Step 1. Click on submit documentation. Attach supporting files of training documentation/college credentials or copy of transcript to the email pop-up and submit. Be sure to include your full name and phone number in the body of the email.

Step 2. Complete the personal information application below and click submit.

Step 3. Choose which (or both) certification for which you are applying and remit fees online.


CACFP Certification *

After you submit your application you will be taken to a payment page.

If you have previously submitted your contact and requirements information above but did not make payment and need to do so to complete your certification application click here to make payment.