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2023 Calendar Banner Limited

"With a five-hour training module, monthly snacks and recipes, crafts and physical activities, nutrition notes, CACFP Best Practices, motivational moments, parent newsletters, curricula, and record-keeping pages, it's no wonder over 35,000 child care providers across the country consider this their #1 CACFP resource."

CACFP Training Program & Nutrition Calendar

Each month highlights CACFP meal patterns, best practices, snack suggestions as well as healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and table and physical activities. In addition to this valuable nutrition education resource, each month's calendar page has oversized squares for recording important events. The Nutrition Calendar & Record-Keeping System has additional pages each month for business recordkeeping.

If you are interested in ordering 2023 calendars, please email to check on availability.


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Sample CACFP Training Program Pages

Monthly Nutrition Education Resource

Recipe, Nutrition Note, Physical Activity

Parent Connection Newsletter

Getting Nutrition Education to Families

Monthly Calendar Page

Featuring New Meal Patterns, CACFP Best Practices, Snack Suggestions

Training Module

Meal Patterns, Best Practices, Healthy Habits, Parenting Connections, Business Records, Additional Training Tips, and Activity Sheets