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Belonging and Responsibility

Sesame Street in Communities

June 13, 2024

Belonging and Responsibility

With the help of caring adults, little ones can feel empowered and encouraged to find ways to be helpful, kind, and contribute to their communities. Our partners at Sesame Street in Communities have created new bilingual resources to help children instill a sense of belonging and responsibility in the world. New resources include four videos, two articles, six printables, and a volunteer tip sheet. 


Engaging Kids with Nature and Community: Outdoor Activities and Adventures 

One of the best things you can do to help the environment and your community is to help children have positive experiences in your environment and community! Children who find joy, pleasure, and meaning in the natural world often grow into adults who act to protect it. 

Empowering Kids to Make a Big Impact in Their Communities 

Even very young children can be helpful in their communities. Becoming involved helps children develop empathy, practice kindness, and build a sense of belonging. 



A Garden of Support 

When everyone in your community works together, it’s easier to tackle challenges – big and small! Watch the video together with children. After you’ve finished, talk about ways to solve big problems. 

Little Helpers, Big Helping 

Help children understand that, even though they are little, they can still make a big difference. Watch the video together, then talk about ways children can make positive changes in their community. A great way to teach children that they can have an impact on the world is to help them do it! 

Helping at Home, Helping the Neighborhood 

Little acts can make a big difference. Watch the video together with children, then discuss all the ways that Julia’s family did little things to impact the bigger world. 

Little Neighbors 

Abby, Elmo, and Rosita are starting a new club on Sesame Street—The Little Neighbors Club! A neighbor is someone who lives in the community, and a good neighbor is someone who helps out in their neighborhood. 


Printable Pages 

Helping and Caring 

Setting goals can be a great way to stay on track and celebrate the progress you’ve made along the way. Use this printable checklist to set small goals to help your community grow and thrive. 

Julia’s Community Mural 

There are so many ways to be kind, caring, and helpful in our communities. Children can use this printable page to brainstorm and draw ways to contribute to their community. 

Playground Helpers 

The playground is a great place for children to build a community of friendship. Use this printable page with children to help the Twiddlebugs envision what their perfect playground would look like. 

Together Trail 

Ther are lots of different ways that children can care for their community. With this printable page, children can practice counting and learn how to help their community. 

Community Garden Clean-Up 

Taking care of our communities is a team effort! Use this printable to explain how working together can make a big job easier. 

Community Connections 

Creating art is a great way for children to show their love. Children can draw on, color, or decorate this new printable for someone they care about. 


For more resources, visit Sesame Street in Communities’ Social Emotional Skills webpage.