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Earn CPEUs at the National Child Nutrition Conference

April 25, 2024

NCNC24 CDR Interior

We're thrilled to inform you that the 2024 National Child Nutrition Conference offers an excellent opportunity for you to earn Continuing Professional Education Units (CPEUs) while immersing yourself in a world of learning and networking. Below we have listed which sessions have received Prior Approval by the Commission of Dietetic Registration.

Key information you need:

CDR Activity Number: 181791

Click here to follow CDR link


Sessions highlighted in orange are available for Virtual Attendees and can be viewed on-demand by all attendees. Onsite attendees can earn up to 13.5 CPEUs in the conference workshops and featured events. Additional CPEUs are available if attending pre- and postconference sessions. Virtual attendees can earn up to 8.5 CPEUs.


National Conference General Session (1.5 CPEU)

Tuesday Featured Speakers (1 CPEU – choose one)

  • USDA CACFP Policy Update
  • SFSP Spotlight: Summer in Florida
  • Rosen Hotels: Nurturing Wellness from Childhood to Workplace

Workshop One (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Connecting Nutrition with Family Engagement
  • Discovering STEM in the Kitchen
  • Bridging the Gap: Addressing Food Insecurity in Rural Communities
  • Childhood Obesity Prevention & Early Nutrition Education
  • Grown for Kids: Farm to Preschool Collaboration
  • Menu Planning 101: A Guide to Mealtime Success

Workshop Two (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Conducting Monitoring in the CACFP for Head Start
  • Motivating Children to Eat Healthy Foods
  • Plant-Forward Menus: A Guide to Success Integration
  • Procurement Standards for Sponsors & Centers
  • Growing CACFP Beyond the Kitchen
  • Ounce Equivalents Made Easy with Exhibit A Grains Tool

Workshop Three (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • An Adventure Through MyPlate Resources
  • Enriching Learning Outdoors with Farm to ECE
  • Beginners’ Guide to Crediting Recipes

Workshop Four (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • CACFP Head Start and Food Service Regulations
  • Fuel Your Mind & Body” Menu Planning, Nutrition & Activities
  • Serving Traditional Indigenous Foods
  • A Fresh Perspective: Embracing New Foods
  • Serving Communities Year-Round Through Afterschool Meals & the SFSP
  • Exploring One Vegetable, One Community
  • Managing Food Allergies in the CACFP

Workshop Five (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Fueling Minds and Bodies with Family Style Dining
  • Addressing Feeding Concerns & Nutrition Therapy
  • Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Family Child Care Food Safety Kit
  • Afterschool Meals: Feeding Children for a Healthier Future
  • Embracing Diversity in Your Summer Meal Program
  • Farm to ECE: Digging Deeper into Cooking and Nutrition

Workshop Six (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Level Up Your Training: Physical Activity in ECE and CACFP Setting
  • Cultural Responsiveness: Exploring Religion, Heritage, and Halal
  • Serving School Meals to Preschoolers
  • Food Security Beyond Program Walls
  • Advancing Farm to ECE: From Seed to Sprout
  • Snack Attack: Elevate Your Snack Game
  • Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities in Community Meals

Workshop Seven (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Preventing Food Allergies: Introducing the Top 9
  • Making Healthy Eating Fun
  • Mindfulness and SEL Practices for Educators and Children
  • The Kitchen Sink: Food Preparation, Safety, and Efficiency
  • Crediting Basics & Beyond in the CACFP

Workshop Eight  (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Limiting Added Sugars in the CACFP
  • Promoting Responsive Feeding Practices in Early Childhood Settings
  • Creating Natural Outdoor Learning Environments
  • Beyond Beginners: Next Level Menu Planning
  • Identifying Whole Grain-Rich

Workshop Nine (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Learning to Love Veggie-Inspired Snacks and Meals
  • Procuring Local Foods for Child Nutrition Programs
  • Get the Facts! CN Labels & Product Formulation Statements (PFS)

Workshop Ten (1 CPEU - choose one)

  • Combating Resistance: Uniting Education Staff and Nutrition Teams
  • Decoding Food Labels
  • Feeding Infants
  • Navigating Special Diets
  • Making the Connection: Brain Foods for Healthy SEL
  • Feed the Soil: Let’s Compost

Thursday Featured Speakers (1 CPEU – choose one)

  • USDA SFSP Policy Update
  • The Unconscious Mind: Implicit Bias


Getting here early or staying a little later? Attend our preconference or postconference sessions for more CPEUs!

Preconference Academy (up to 6 CPEUs)

Monday (3 CPEUs - choose one)

  • Menu Planning for the CACFP
  • Head Start Success: Meeting the Performance Standards (concurrent sessions)

Tuesday (3 CPEUs)

  • CACFP Meal Pattern Training


Postconference Academy (up to 4 CPEUs)

Session One (2 CPEUs)

  • Annual Training

Session Two (2 CPEUs - choose one)

  • Leading and Managing Multigenerational Teams
  • Medical Statements, Milk Substitutions and Special Diets (concurrent sessions)