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Shared Reading

Sesame Street in Communities

March 12, 2024

Shared Reading

Language is a key part of early childhood education and helps lay the foundation for success in school. Reading storybooks and discussing them has been proven to enhance caregiver-child literacy interactions, ignite children’s reading enthusiasm, and develop their literacy skills. Our partners at Sesame Street in Communities have new bilingual (English and Spanish) resources include three Muppet videos, three articles, three printables, and a digital storybook with three reading levels!


One More Time

Reading a child’s favorite story many times doesn’t have to feel repetitive. Watch the ways that Rudy and his daddy share the same story in special ways. Share this video with children, and see if they can notice all the different ways to read a book.

Buzzing About Books

With so many words and pictures in stories, it can feel hard for young children to stay focused. Watch this video to explore unique ways to keep children engaged and excited on the special parts of a story, no matter their age!

A Star Reader

Finding a “just right” book may take a few tries, but with the help of his mom, Tamir can use special tricks to find the perfect book to share!



Tips for Shared Reading with Children Birth to 3

Reading to young children can help them build language and literacy skills—and reading together can be a wonderful way for you and your little one to bond! A caring adult can help unlock a book’s magic, creating opportunities for you to laugh, learn, imagine, and explore together.

Tips for Shared Reading with Children 3 to 5

Reading with young children is a wonderful way to both nurture their budding reading skills and also connect one-on-one. Picture books offer rich opportunities for children to imagine, explore, and build their understanding of the world around them. A caring adult can help them make the most out of the shared reading experience.

A Mighty Voice

In their earliest years, infants and toddlers can begin to grow in their connection to caregivers with stories read together. Shared reading is an activity where the caregiver and child actively engage with a book. This can be a joyful experience that enhances their comprehension, vocabulary, and listening skills. Consider these strategies to have fun with your child while reading stories, especially those with rhymes and songs to support word recognition.



My Favorite Part

Talking about the best parts of a book gives children a chance to express their emotions and encourages them to think critically about what they read, and what they enjoy. Use this printable page to start conversations that promote a love of reading and storytelling!

Read with Me

Keep tabs on each other and where you are in books with bookmarks made to color and cut out! Decorate them together and talk to children about some of their favorite stories.

The Perfect Book: An Act Along Story

Before children can read on their own, acting out different parts of a story can give them a way to participate. Read along (and act along!) as Wes and Elijah search for the perfect book.



Grow, Grow, Grow!

Just like growing a plant, reading together requires care, nurturing, and time! Learn about all the things plants and Muppet friends need to grow in this storybook.


For more resources, visit Sesame Street in Communities’ Reading topic webpage.