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Celebrate Child Care Providers Serving Nutritious Meals in Your Community

March 7, 2023

2024 CACFP Week Social Media Image 600

Next week is National Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Week! Over 138,000 child and adult care providers serve nutritious meals to over 4.5 million children and adults every day with the help of 24,000 supporting institutions. Join us in celebrating throughout the week. 

Join us in recognizing the invaluable work of CACFP child and adult care providers in your community. Three ways you can show your support during National CACFP Week include:

What CACFP Operators Have to Say About CACFP

“It’s just another way that child care is being kept accessible to families, and children are getting healthy meals when childhood obesity is on the rise.” 

Family Child Care Home, MN  


“The program is beneficial to providing healthier meals for the children we serve. The children are able to try different food types, textures and colors, which are not only healthier, but also great for educational and sensory purposes.” 

Child Care Center, AR 


“The reimbursement rate helps us purchase higher quality food, more fresh fruit and veggies, and more whole grain products. In addition, the food program has educated us on the importance of quality food and a balanced diet. Our program is often the only place young children are offered this quality of food during the day.” 

Family Child Care Home, IA 


“I understand how absolutely crucial and important good nutrition and high-quality child care are to a growing child. Families need support, and the providers who support these families need support as well. I am thankful for the support I receive from the CACFP and look forward to continuing this relationship until I retire from child care.” 

Family Child Care Home, MI 


“Nutritionally, the children are getting higher quality meals through CACFP which is related to health and brain development. I think that makes the CACFP a public health program. It’s not just a nutrition program, It’s a public health program. We’ve heard people say, ‘food is medicine,’ well it is true.”  

Sponsoring Organization, TX 


“We’re really grateful for the food program. It’s wonderful to be able to get healthy foods that will be really nourishing for the kids and make sure that they get something solid and sustaining.” 

Family Child Care Home, NC 


“The CACFP not only helps me provide healthy meals to the children, but it also trickles down to my own family and the kids’ families. When the children get home, they want to eat the same meals they ate at child care. So, I send recipes to families every month, and many have told me how they have been serving healthier meals at home.” 

Family Child Care Home, OH 


We are able to provide the families in our area with quality child care, and at the same time, provide the children with the food and nutrition they need in order to grow and develop.” 

Head Start, OR  


“The CACFP is great in this area and in other areas as well because it creates an opportunity for families in the poorer areas to receive assistance in providing healthy meals. A lot of parents want their children to receive healthy and nutritious meals, but just are not financially capable of doing that. So, in the child care homes or centers where their children are enrolled, it allows them to be able to get that meal that they very well may not be able to get if they didn’t attend these types of programs.”  

Sponsoring Organization, PA 


“The CACFP benefits me a lot, because I don’t have to worry about spending more money out of my pockets. I make sure I have more than enough food for the kids. I’m sure I would ask parents to bring at least one meal if I didn’t have CACFP reimbursement.” 

Family Child Care Home, VA