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Seasons of Grief

Sesame Street in Communities

November 28, 2023


Help children, and the adults who care for them, learn ways to manage the emotions and changes that come with grief after someone close to them dies. Our partners at Sesame Street in Communities (SSIC) have developed new bilingual resources designed to provide comfort to children experiencing grief, information on different ways grief is expressed, and ways families can cope with and communicate about grief. The new resources include three new Muppet videos, a storybook, an interactive activity for children, four articles, and three printable pages. 



Expressing Grief Through Play 

Play is one of the many ways children may express their grief. This new video invites children to try the strategy to help them feel secure when big feelings happen. 

Re-grieving as Seasons Change 

Grief can come and go throughout life, and sometimes even little things can bring up big feelings. This video reminds children (and grown-ups!) that feelings come and go--and that’s okay. 

Many Ways to Remember 

There are many ways to remember a person who has died. Watch this video, then encourage children to share feelings about their special person and find ways to feel connected to them: 



Something New 

So much can change when someone close to us dies. Read this new storybook with children and remind them that it’s okay to miss the way things used to be, and it’s okay to also look forward to new things. 


Digital Interactive 

Express Yourself with Elmo and Jessie 

Art can be a powerful outlet for children to process their grief. This new interactive activity can be used to help children express themselves and share their feelings with others. 



How Children Grieve and How to Help 

Grief can look different for children as they grow. Read this article to learn more about how children grieve at different ages and how you can help. 

Disenfranchised Grief 

Sometimes a child may not feel that they can fully acknowledge or express their grief. Read this article to learn more about disenfranchised grief and remind children that it is okay to grieve and share their feelings. 

The Complexity of Loss 

It’s a big change when someone dies. And there may be many other changes, too, ranging from big to small, long-term to short-term. This new article provides information on secondary losses and ways to manage stress and anxiety. 

New Family Roles 

The death of someone can impact a family’s roles and responsibilities. This new article provides ideas to help families navigate change after loss. 



The Ways We’ve Grown 

Talking about changes after loss can help children feel grounded as they grieve. This new coloring page can help families connect with themselves and each other. 

The Giggle Game 

Being intentional about doing things that make us feel good is an important step in moving forward after someone dies. Play this new game to help children remember that they can feel happy, hopeful, and joyful. 

You Are Special to Me 

Sharing encouragement and kindness can be very meaningful to someone experiencing grief. Use this new printable with children to create a card for a friend or family member who is grieving. 


For more resources, visit Sesame Street in Communities’ Grief page.