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Meal Pattern Minute: Honey Graham Crackers

October 13, 2023

In the Child and Adult Care Food Program, all crackers, including sweet crackers, are creditable for the child and adult meal pattern. But does this regulation hold true for the CACFP meal pattern as well? We know that before a child turns 12 months and are developmentally ready to consume solid foods, they cannot be served honey. However, does this include honey-flavored foods like honey graham crackers or even honey flavored cereal? 


Get the answer in under a minute with Isabel Ramos-Lebron, MS, RDN, LD, where she dives into this topic discussing honey and if there is any place in the infant meal pattern for it. 


Finding resources on what foods are creditable in the infant meal pattern can be time consuming. Here are a few resources that are essential to have on-hand when dealing with this specific meal pattern. 

Feeding Infants in the Child and Adult Care Food Program 

This guide will help child care providers understand the CACFP meal pattern requirements that were published in April of 2016, with an implementation date of October 1, 2017. It also includes best practices for feeding babies in a way that supports their growth and development. All child care centers and family child care homes that participate in the CACFP must offer meals to all infants in their care. This guide can help you do that. 

Looking for details about honey? Do a quick search by typing in holding down the CTRL + F button on your keyboard. Then type in the search bar, “honey”. You’ll be able to find all honey references associated with the infant meal pattern. To answer the question on whether honey flavored crackers is creditable or not in the infant meal pattern, the statement can be found on Chapter 6 page 81.  

Honey may contain bacteria that can cause infant botulism. Infant botulism is a serious illness that can make a baby very sick. Babies are at a higher risk of getting infant botulism until they turn 1 year old. Therefore, honey should never be fed to babies younger than one. This includes honey served on its own, as a topping for other foods, or cooked or baked into other foods. Also avoid serving store-bought foods made with honey, including honey graham crackers, cereals with honey, etc. 

Important Tip! 

Not sure if a product contains honey? Check the Nutrition Facts Label with the ingredient list and look for the word honey. 

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Want to add creditable infant snacks to your menu? Try one of these ideas! 

Must always include breastmilk or formula. 

  • WGR Crackers + Mashed Avocado 
  • Pancake + Strawberries 
  • Teething biscuit + Mashed Sweet Potato 

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