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National Berry Month

MyPlate, Team Nutrition, & The Institute of Child Nutrition

July 25, 2023

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July is National Berry Month! Summer is a great time to serve delicious meals/snacks that include berries, while educating those in your care about healthy eating with fruit. That’s why our partners at MyPlate and Team Nutrition have multiple great resources to help you highlight berries! You can also order free print copies of these materials online.  

Our partners at the Institute of Child Nutrition also have some great recipes incorporating berries! 


Educational Resources and Activities

Farrah Fruit Emergent Reader 

If you have kindergarteners in your care, this emergent reader is perfect to teach them about different types of fruit. Have your children identify which fruits are berries! 

Discover Berry Sweet Evidence

Lesson 10 of The Great Garden Detective Adventure is a fun activity for 3rd and 4th graders in your care. This lesson reviews important gardening and nutrition facts about strawberries and raspberries/blackberries and helps children prepare recipes and taste dishes featuring these berries. 

Roller Coaster Poster

This poster encourages children to eat fruits and vegetables. You can use the poster to also play a game to find the berries. Have children spot all of the berries that appear in the poster. 

Bingo Challenge

As you serve berries in your program, use the bingo card from the Summer Food, Summer Moves activity guide to mark off the different berries you eat. 


Recipes from the Institute of Child Nutrition 

Berry Medley and Quinoa Breakfast Bake

Love breakfast casseroles? Start the day with this delicious breakfast made with quinoa, oats, and berries. Serve it hot or cold. 

Lemon-Blueberry Corn Muffins

Take your corn muffins to the next level. Add blueberries for a splash of color and a burst of flavor. 

Orange Cranberry Quick Bread

Want a new tasty grain option for breakfast? Try this whole grain-rich quick bread that is full of orange flavor and cranberries.