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Team Nutrition Quizzes

Team Nutrition

May 30, 2023

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Test your knowledge and build your nutrition skills with these fun Team Nutrition quizzes! Team Nutrition Quizzes can be used for self-paced knowledge assessments, at trainings, or at other nutrition events as a fun and engaging learning activity. Upon completion of each quiz, quiz takers receive a score along with a link to resources that can help expand their knowledge on the topic and build their menu planning skills.

Meal Components Quiz

Are you a meal components master? Check how well you are able to identify what foods are creditable and under which meal component category.

Infant Nutrition Quiz

Are you a baby expert? Test whether you can identify if a baby is hungry or full, if you know what foods are appropriate for various age groups, and if you use best practices for serving infants.

Toddler Nutrition Quiz

Do you know a lot about mealtimes with toddlers? Determine if you know how to encourage healthy eating practices.

Milk in the CACFP Quiz

How much do you know about milk? Test your knowledge of the CACFP milk component: when can you serve substitutes for cow’s milk, when can you serve flavored milk, when can milk be credited, etc.

Older Adults Nutrition Quiz

Find out if you are an ace at older adult nutrition!

Whole Grains Quiz

Are you a whole grain guru? Check your ability to identify and properly credit grains, plus get some helpful resources.

Child Nutrition Label Quiz

Determine whether you can identify products eligible for a CN label and understand the requirements for accepting CN labeled products.


Check team nutrition's’ quiz page for any new updates.