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Nutrition Education for Kindergarten


December 6, 2022

Image of 6 MyPlate colorful resources

Kindergarten is a critical time for development and learning for children. Our partners at MyPlate have free print materials to help kindergarteners learn how to make healthy food choices and develop physical activity lifestyles. 

For Kindergarteners

Emergent Reader Mini Books/Libros para lectores principiantes

This resource includes a set of six different books featuring kindergarten-level sight words that help children build literacy skills while learning about the five food groups and MyPlate.  

Look and Cook Recipe Cards/Mira y cocina tarjetas de recetas

This resource includes a set of 4 pictorial recipes that offer kindergarten age kids a simple and visual way to prepare healthy snacks. English on one side, Spanish on the reverse.  

Student Workbook 

This interactive student workbook is filled with 19 activities that explore Discover MyPlate lesson topics. 

Parent Handouts  

Discover MyPlate with Nate and Kate/Descubre MiPlato con Nate y Kate

This handout shares information about the MyPlate food groups through quick and fun activities.  

Welcome to School Lunch/Bienvenido al Almuerzo en la Escuela 

This handout shares information about how school meals have gotten healthier and includes family activities.  

Meet MyPlate/Te presentamos MiPlato

This handout is an introduction to the MyPlate tool and some of its resources.  

Snack Time/Hora de Merendar 

This handout provides information about choosing snack foods and beverages with less solid fat, added sugars, and sodium (salt).  

Be Your Best With Breakfast/Desayuna y da lo Mejor de ti 

This handout encourages families to eat breakfast and to check out the School Breakfast Program at their school (if available).  

Move, Play, Have Fun!/¡Muévete, juega, diviértete!

This handout gives families ideas for fun go-to activities that get them moving.

For Teachers

Teacher's Guide

The Discover MyPlate Teacher’s Guide includes six standards-based, inquiry-led, student-centered and teacher-approved lessons for kindergarten. This easy-to-navigate guide allows teachers to pick and choose activities that best meet their classroom needs and resources.

Food Cards

These 52 bright, graphic cards allow students to take learning into their own hands as they sort through the five food groups and explore familiar and new foods. Used in every lesson, they offer a chance to apply nutrition knowledge in fun and interactive ways and allow for discussion of additional foods in each food group—beyond the foods shown in the emergent readers. This resource is available in English and Spanish.

Food Group Friend Profile Cards

These colorful profile cards feature each of the five food group friends and MyPlate Nate and MyPlate Kate. Each card lists the foods on the back that makes up each food group friend or, in the case of MyPlate Nate and Kate, shares what they do to stay healthy. Use the cards to show and tell your students about the five food groups and MyPlate meal.

Emergent Reader: Teacher's Edition

The Emergent Reader: Teacher’s Edition is larger than the emergent reader mini books and is in color. It features all seven of the emergent readers, along with additional activity and discussion ideas. This resource is available in English and Spanish.

The Five Food Groups Poster

This colorful classroom poster is used as an interactive tool to help students complete activities within the lessons. It is also used as a visual aid for discussions about the MyPlate food groups. This resource is available in English and Spanish.

Reach for the Sky Song

This song gets kids excited to learn about the five food groups.

Discover MyPlate Graphics

Encourage healthy choices with these graphics from Team Nutrition. These graphics are available in English and Spanish.


For even more resources, check out Discover MyPlate/Descubre MiPlato!