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Activity Inspiration: Flight Charades

Fall is an inviting time to get outside and experience the crisp air. Take your kids out for a fun game of flight charades to get their wiggles out and stretch their imaginations.

How to play

  1. Ask your children, beyond airplanes, what flies in the sky?
  2. Together, act out answers with charades. Birds could soar, dive or circle. Hot air balloons could lift, drift and fall. Helicopters might be loud and buzz around. How about a rocket or a butterfly?
  3. See how many flying objects the group can brainstorm, and practice acting them each out together!

Extend the fun

Having a blast? Make it last a little longer with paper airplanes! Paper airplanes are an easy way to introduce origami to young children as there are hundreds of patterns. Choose an easy three-step paper airplane pattern online, and work with your kids to help them get airborne! Provide plenty of paper so they can fold, unfold and try again!

We want to see you take flight. Send us pics @NationalCACFP or to

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