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Help Detective Readatron-15 Solve These Fall Mysteries

Read Aloud 15 Minutes

Readatron 1200x900

Meet Detective Readatron-15, ReadALoud-15 Minute’s resident robot, as he dons his best Sherlock Holmes outfit to investigate the fall season! Try one or more of the fun activity sheets to help solve these fall mysteries.  The more that children under 5 are read to, the richer and deeper their language capacities become.

Start out by helping the children in your care assemble their very own Detective Readatron-15. First download the Readatron-15 robot pattern and then help him don his detective gear. Use the full-color version or color your own with these printable activity sheets.

Once your very own Detective Readatron-15 is complete, select one of these free activity sheets and start your fall fun.  Choose either a Fall Match-up, Fall Fill-in-the-blanks or Fall Word Find or do them all. Next, participate is in this fun fall Sensory Hunt with either the One-Page or Four-on-a-Page guide.