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2022 NCA Board Election Results

October 4, 2022

board results



It wasn’t quite business as usual this summer when CACFP Sponsor Members voted on who would fill four seats on our Board of Directors. For the first time ever, votes were cast digitally, and members had the opportunity to engage with the candidates via virtual town hall.

The votes have been tallied, and we’re pleased to announce our newly elected and re-elected board members! Their appointments will run from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2025. You can learn more about our entire Board of Directors on our website.

Election Results

Jami Lee-Rokala, MS, LN, CMP, CCNP, CFPM, CLC

I not only have a commitment to my profession, child nutrition, collaborative partners, and the people that I serve but have a passion for it.”

Jami is the Child Nutrition Manager at Tri-Valley Opportunity Council in Minnesota. In her current role, Farm to Early Care has been Jami's passion. She has presented at national conferences on nutrition-related topics since 2019 and is a lead Farm to Early Care Advocate in the state of Minnesota.


Melissa Moore, CCNP

Serving as a Board member for the past six years has shed light on the amount of work the Board and Team puts into making each event, resource and conference as impactful and affordable as possible.“

Melissa is the Director of Programs at Family League of Baltimore in Maryland and was first elected to the NCA Board in 2016. In her role, she oversees afterschool, summer and family child care home programs, and she is also the chair of the Baltimore Partnership to End Childhood Hunger.



Gabriela Rangel, CMP, CCNP

I am committed to making a positive impact nationwide through advocacy for the CACFP.

Gabriela is the CACFP Director at Child and Family Resources in Arizona, and was first elected to the NCA Board in 2019. She serves as an educator and staff mentor at her organization, while also collaborating with local programs to support healthy nutrition and educate child care centers in her area.


Annetta Rutland, CMP, CCNP

The more you know, the more you grow!”

Annetta is the Strategic Director of Quality Programs at 4C for Children in Ohio, and previously served on the NCA Board from 1999-2000 before being elected again in 2016. Annetta has over 40 years of experience in the CACFP and works to develop, implement and maintain professional development programs.


Chair-Elect of the Board: Rhonda Kobylecky, CMP, CCNP

Rhonda was voted to serve as Chair-Elect of the Board by the Board of Directors effective October 1, 2022. In this three-year term, Rhonda will serve the first year as Chair-Elect, her second year as Chair of the Board, and the third year as Immediate Past Chair.


Strategic Planning

The NCA Board of Directors exists to serve the needs of the CACFP community. This October, they will meet to begin work on a strategic plan for 2024-2028. Strategic planning guides the direction and actions of the organization. You can find the 2020-2023 strategic plan here. The four goals from the current strategic plan include:

Goal 1: Enhance education opportunities

  • STRATEGY 1.1 Develop strategies to offer a range of cost-effective training opportunities.
  • STRATEGY 1.2 Strive to provide an excellent educational experience through conferences & trainings.
  • STRATEGY 1.3 Develop quality educational materials for distribution.
  • STRATEGY 1.4 Ensure that members have timely access to information about public comment periods.

Goal 2: Provide resources for members

  • STRATEGY 2.1 Continue to use technology as a tool for promoting collaboration, training, and resources.
  • STRATEGY 2.2 Identify and develop resources to assist Sponsors with program management.
  • STRATEGY 2.3 Develop training resources for Sponsor use.
  • STRATEGY 2.4 Provide Sponsors current information on CACFP resources.

Goal 3: Build visibility and recognition

  • STRATEGY 3.1 Actively recruit and retain membership.
  • STRATEGY 3.2 Educate policy makers about national issues and needs within the CACFP community.
  • STRATEGY 3.3 Promote the CACFP through policy initiatives, advocacy outreach, and media campaigns.
  • STRATEGY 3.4 Build robust partnerships with key national advocacy and industry organizations.

Goal 4: Ensure financial & organizational viability

  • STRATEGY 4.1 Provide strong governance through effective leadership development.
  • STRATEGY 4.2 Manage Association fiduciary responsibilities prudently and efficiently.
  • STRATEGY 4.3 Seek new opportunities to ensure the continued financial viability of the Association.
  • STRATEGY 4.4 Engage qualified professional staff to assist the board in managing affairs of the Association.

Do you have input on the goals and strategic direction of the organization? The board would love to hear your thoughts. Send your feedback to, and they’ll review your insight during their fall planning session.

From voting for board members to sharing your innovative ideas, thank you for helping to build the future of our association!