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Baking Food Safety 101

Home Baking Association

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Food safety in the kitchen is very important. When children are around it is essential to maintain safe food preparation and baking habits. Our friends At Home Baking Association recognize the importance of food safety and have created a useful infographic. Use the infographic as a printout for training, adult education, or a poster for children.


6 simple baking food safety steps include:

  1. Store raw flour, baking mixes, dough, and eggs separately from ready-to-eat foods
  2. Before baking tie back long hair, clean counters, assemble ingredients and equipment, wash hands and apron-up
  3. Keep Separate the measuring, mixing, and handling of unbaked batter or dough from cooling, serving, or packaging of baked products
  4. Test baked products with a wooden toothpick or cake test and a food thermometer at the center to ensure products are completely baked
  5. Clean tools, work surfaces, and equipment with hot, soapy water or in the dishwasher
  6. Wash hands before you taste, serve or package baked goods.

Some other safety tips from the resource to remember are:

  • Use oven mitts to handle pans
  • Wash mitts regularly
  • Cool products in an area away from where flour is measured and batter
  • Cool baked goods on wire cooling racks, not countertop

To access the full tips, check out Baking Food Safety Infographic.