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Ready for School? Resources to Reinforce Learning

Sesame Street in Communities

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To help you prepare for the new school year, Sesame Street in Communities added new resources to its School Readiness site to help all kids and families get ready for school. Though the pandemic has impacted many children’s reading, math, and school-readiness skills, adults can help.  The bilingual (English and Spanish) resources include video and digital games focused on the basics for caregivers to help children succeed in the classroom and beyond. Check out the resources and start learning.

Some of the new resources include:

  • The Wiggle-Jiggle Game (video)
    • Watch this video together with children. On a second viewing, you may wiggle and jiggle too, according to your own opinions! You might play your own version; the questions may be:
    • silly (“wiggle and jiggle if you like peppers on your pizza”);
    • more serious (“wiggle and jiggle if you’ve felt angry today”, “wiggle and jiggle if you can think of a solution to the problem of how to share the small number of new blocks we have to play with today”);
    • …or in between! (“wiggle and jiggle if you’ve made a new friend recently”)
  • Abby’s Letter Garden (game)
    • Entering preschool or kindergarten with some knowledge of the letters of the alphabet and the sounds they make gives children a leg up on learning. Help children play the game in which they help Abby “grow” letters.
  • Playing with Colors (game)
    • Another game for children entering preschool. Invite your children to “Go on a “rainbow hunt”! and find things in a certain color around them. How many can they find?
  • Playing with Numbers (game)
    • Entering preschool or kindergarten with knowledge of numerals and counting gives children a leg up on learning! Help children play this game, then create and save number art.