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Activity Inspiration: Seven Silly Ways to Play Limbo at Your CACFP Site

First things first, here’s how to play classic Limbo: Have two adults hold the limbo stick horizontally at shoulder height. Have all the players stand in line and one at a time dance, shimmy or make their way under the stick without touching it. If they fall, touch the ground, or touch the stick they’re out.

Once each player has made it under the stick, it’s lowered just a little. The winner is the last player to pass under the stick without touching the ground, falling or touching the stick. Don’t forget the music! Limbo is the most fun with peppy party music playing. This classic game is super easy to set up. All you really need is a limbo stick. What can be used as a limbo stick?

  • A broom or mop handle
  • A pool noodle
  • Cardboard wrapping paper rolls
  • PVC pipe
  • Wooden dowl

Water Limbo

You already know how this one will go! Instead of using limbo sticks, have an adult hold a house with a stream-nozzle that directs water in a condensed line. Players who are hit by the stream are out!

Crabwalk Limbo

Start the stick a little lower to the ground and have all the players participate by crab-walking! This can be a fun challenge to add to the game or a way for the less limber and younger players to participate.

Roller Limbo

The adults will have flashbacks to roller rinks of old with this one. Equip participants with roller skates and proceed! Helmets are required, and a disco ball is recommended.

Glow in the Dark Limbo

It’s just how it sounds! Decorate the limbo stick with glow in the dark stickers or paint, and dim the lights. Depending on the age and maturity of the participants, you may be able to offer them glow sticks as well!

Math Facts and Letter Facts Limbo

Have each player answer an age-appropriate quiz question before their turn at limbo (what sound does the letter B make? What number comes after 8?). If they get it right, the stick won't be lowered for that turn. If they get it wrong, it will.

Backwards Limbo

Everything is more challenging backwards!

Freeze Tag + Limbo

It's Limbo but every time the music stops, you have to freeze no matter what position you're in!

We want to see photos of your CACFP limbo lines! Email us at or tag us in the photos @NationalCACFP on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and stay tuned for more activity ideas.

Children playing limbo at a CACFP site