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Moving Our Bodies

Sesame Street in Communities


Playtime can be full of opportunities to learn! Check out these printable movement squares from Sesame Street in Communities. Simply download the document, print, and cut the squares. When it's time to play, take turns drawing squares and performing the activities.

Is it getting too easy? Then try a variation:

  • Ask kids to pick several squares and make a sequence of moves.
  • Print multiple copies of the page so that you can have multiple sets of cards, and create patterns (such as skip, jump, skip, jump).
  • Play a version of “Simon Says.” If you say “Elmo Says” before a move, children can move. But if you only say the move (without “Elmo Says”), kids can’t move!
  • Encourage kids to include some stretches between moves, following the same format as the rest of the cards (“Stretch like a rubber band”).
  • Keep the cards in an envelope so you can play anytime, anywhere.