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Put Your Best Fruit Forward

Alliance for a Healthier Generation


Fruit is an important part of a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Fruit is an important part of a healthy diet. Sometimes we need inspiration for new fruits to try. Healthier Generation and That's it. want to help you put your best fruit forward. They've created a colorful quiz, budget-friendly buyer's guide, and easy-to-use resources to help you and your family discover and enjoy fruit all year round.

What's in the budget-friendly buyer guide? Simple shopping tips to help you choose the best options for your family, routine, and budget. For example, did you know that sticking seasonal fresh fruit is the best way to keep your costs down, and canned fruit can be shelf-stable for years?

Get started by meeting your new fruit BFF with this fun, adorable, colorful quiz, and then plan your grocery trip with the buyer guide. You're sure to enjoy a fresh and fruity summer.