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Stay Hydrated This Summer

National Drinking Water Alliance

CACFP participant holds water bottle and soccer ball

Summer’s here! That means that it’s time to do what we can to stay cool and refreshed!  The healthiest way to hydrate – for your CACFP participants and for you – is to quench thirst with plain drinking water.  That's where our friends from the National Drinking Water Alliance come in. The NDWA is a network of organizations and individuals across the country working to ensure that all children in the U.S. can drink safe water in the places where they live, learn and play. Their website is the nationwide clearinghouse for essential drinking water research and resources.

CACFP sites have the opportunity to teach the importance of drinking water and model healthy hydration. Research shows that the learning goes home!  In a pilot study in Marin, California, childcare settings, children continued to drink more water instead of sugary beverages at home, after a drinking water intervention at childcare. Check out this fun healthy hydration infographic to help you do just that, and here it is in Spanish.